13 2016
Full name 13
Alias -
Gender Genderless(Uses male pronouns)
Age 23
Species Ater Belua
Sub-Species Alien
Sexuality Pansexual
Element Darkness
Occupation Traitor/Test Subject
Status Alive


Height: One and a half head taller than the average mobian.
Build: Tall and slender.
Main color: Black.
Markings: White lower arms and lower legs.
Skin color: White muzzle, inner ear and stomach.
Hair color and style: Magenta down-hawk brushed to one side.
Eye color: Glowing Green.
Other noticeable features:

  • Horns - Sports two black horns that curl back and around to end right next to their cheeks.
  • Piercings - Has two studs beneath their lowerlip.
  • Genderless - Has absolutely nothing there.

Wears a white turleneck without sleeves. The edges of the shirt are magenta and in the middle is a bright green grinning smiley. They wear magenta fingerlessgloves with a green cuff and a green rounded gem on the back of their hand. They wear black pants with green decorations. The shoes they wear are white with magenta platforms and a green stripe over the white.



  • Learning.
  • Exploring.
  • Researching.
  • Warmth.
  • Being creative/crafting.


  • Water.
  • Their home planet.
  • Bad weather(Rain, Dark CLouds, Snow, THunder Storms, ect.)
  • Crowded areas.

Favorite food: Can't eat.
Favorite drink: Gasoline.
Favorite color: Purple.

  • Curious.
  • Loner.
  • Adeptive.
  • Quick Learner.
  • Socially Awkward.
  • Quiet.
  • Passivist.
  • Struggles to show emotions.
  • Has a hard time noticing how other beings feel.

Abilities and skills


  • Lacks bones and this is insanely flexible and agile.
  • Has no solid shape, meaning they can shift and change their form on a whim.
  • Light weight and fast on their feet.
  • Can just 'regrow' their limbs.


  • Water as it can completley destablize their body in higher than a few sips in quantity. Can die thanks to this destablization.
  • Fire, being made of oils and such make them extreemly flamable and easy to ignite.
  • The 'gem' they have in their chest functions as a core and if shattered, they die.
  • Can be super reckless in fights and generally acts on impulse.


  • Survival skills.
  • Cartography.


  • Shift - Is able to completely shift their form, not just to another being/object but even just strech out body parts and all. Though if they change their shape, their distinct features remain(Horns, Piercings, Eyes and a green circle on the chest.)
  • Poisoning - Due to the fact that their being is made up from gasoline in a way, they are very toxic to their enemies and are able to evaporate parts of their being to straight out poison others thanks to the fumes.

Alternative Form

Ater Belua1

13's Real Form

Appearance: Much like their mobian form a few ket traits remain in place such as their colors. Their horns remain the same as well as the clear holes where the piercings go. Their eyes always emitting a green glow.

Where their real form differs is the build and the lack of the white markings/skin. A key note is that they have no legs and instead are liquid from the waist down. They are never seen without the exo-skeleton and hanging piercings from their lip.
Difference from normal form:

  • The 'gem' core is in clear view and not internal and thus making a big clear target.
  • Even faster than their mobian form since no need to walk or anything.
  • Dangerous to be around due to the fumes comming from their body practically non-stop in this form.
  • Suffers in straight up strenght though, can only punch so hard with the exo-skeleton in place.


  • 'Born' to a clan line that hadn't previously had any of 13's rarity.
  • Due to this lovely birth gift they were seperated from their clan and taken to the counsil to be sorted a mentor.
  • Spend most of their 'child hood' under heavy training of a mentor, shaping them to be just another mindless drone as their species just generally was.
  • Reaches maturety and enrolls fully into the Counsil of 7 as an ambasetor.
  • After a year of proofing themselves in their position on planet, they are send on their first big mission.
  • Is send to Mobius to scout it out and see how high the threat level is for their species.
  • Kind of fucking creeped out with the ammount of water and water based beings on this planet.
  • Marks it as a very big danger and relays this information to the Counsil.
  • Continues exploring for a while though and does end up slowly befriending and learning more about the planet.
  • Gets told to return home but decides to stay on Mobius as it is quite liberating to be able to function and be free of will and not part of a hivemind.
  • Gets tracked down by 221 of the Counsil.
  • Is promptly dragged back to stand before the counsil on grounds of being a traitor and no longer listening to what they are told.
  • Gets locked away to be executed as they outlived their purpose and lost their loyalty.
  • Is the 4th in the entire history of the Counsil of 7 to be marked for execution, the other ones all having been on off planet missions as well.
  • Takes a few 'days' before they spot an opening to flee thanks to a gaurds faltering attention.
  • Breaks the fuck out and flees to the pole of Ignoblis.
  • Barely survives the cold but is taken to safet by a few friendly Heaglen.
  • Is kept save and helped off the planet with their help.
  • Arrives back on Mobius and lays lowww.
  • Finds a place to propperly call home and gets a job.
  • Ends up working as a test subject for one of the research faculities.



Name Relation Notes
Too many to list Too many to list Has no connection or bond with them.

Positive Relations

Name Notes
Liara ??? & Moony Saved it's life once. Quite curious about them and how they been doing. Dammit 13 stupid being such a shut in.
Electrisa Shila The woman almost ended them on accident. But it was all a clear missunderstanding and they bonded. Learned quite a lot about the mobian culture and habbits from her.

Negative Relations

Name Notes
All members of the Counsil of 7 Overall their entire mindset is just toxic and fuck it.



  • Used to be a sona but enjoyed RPing them too much so cut them lose from that.
  • Developed an entire species from their core design idea.
  • 13's Themesong

    13's Themesong