Ace 2015
Full name Aceath Din
Alias Ace, Pretty boy, Golden Sphinx
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Species Sphinx
Sub-Species -
Sexuality Pan-sexual
Element Sound/Life Energy
Occupation Test Subject
Status Alive


Height: Average.
Build: Skinny.
Main color: Golden Brown.
Markings: N/A.
Skin color: Soft yellow muzzle, ears, stomach and soles.
Hair color and style: White long hair reaching his shoulder blades.
Eye color: Golden.
Other noticeable features:

  • Tattoo - Has a huge tattoo of an Anhk on his back.
  • White hair - Suffers from Marie Antoinette Syndrome which turned his hair ghostly white.
  • Facial hair - Has a slight scruff going on with his natural hair color; gold.
  • Wings - Wings used to be in pristine state however during his time of captivity the feathers grew uneven.

Wears tattered blue pants and a metal collar that blocks his powers.



  • Sexual intercourse.
  • Power.
  • Control.
  • High quality food.
  • Luxury items.
  • Music.
  • Freedom.


  • Being controled.
  • Cowards.
  • Childeren.
  • People who go against him.

Favorite food: Fine red wine.
Favorite drink: Kebab.
Favorite color: Blue.

  • Vain.
  • Controlling.
  • Lusty.
  • Dominant.
  • Pideful.
  • Charismatic.
  • Flirty.
  • Free spirited.
  • Strong willed.
  • Stubborn.
  • Knows how to keep his anger in check.

Abilities and skills


  • High agility and speed.
  • Able to heal very fast.
  • Able to get the jump on people with his voice powers if they don't know he has those.
  • Has a shit ton of experience.


  • Sucks at ranged combat.
  • Low stamina.
  • Will fight till either him or the opponent is dead or the other runs.


  • Hand to hand combat.


  • Life force Absorbtion - Able to rip chunks of life force from other people to add to his own which extends his own life.
  • Voice control - Able to control people by voice commands.
  • Healing - Is able to rapid heal himself from wounds no matter how bad as long as he has enough life force left.


  • 3rd born to Pharaoh Superbia and his wif Luxuria.
  • Often bullied by his older brother.
  • Mother's health start to decline.
  • Passed away when he was 10.
  • Was gifted a golden anhk as heirloom.
  • Father starts to fall in bad health as well as passes away within the same year.
  • Oldest brother Amsu becomes the next pharaoh.
  • Decides to pull the ultimate dick move and banishes Ace from their lands and into the desert.
  • Spends many years there, losing track of time but learning about his ability to steal life force and use it for himself.
  • Stayed young as the world around him changed at a fast pace.
  • Saw alot others of his own species get culled during the greek area due to the assumption of them being deadly creatures.
  • Detaches from reality to prevent himself from getting hurt more as he goes into hiding.
  • During the middle ages he managed to take control of a small kingdom thanks to this voice control powers
  • Had a child during this period with one of his servants as he didn't want to commit to any person perminantly knowing he'd outlife them.
  • Spend the next eras very low profile, keeping a lot to himself.
  • Finally really found himself during the swing era.
  • Really stopped giving a damm about mortals, just seeing them as nice playthings.
  • Meets Eon and joins his cult as the Grandmaster of Death.
  • Meet Grim and end sup in an odd one sided thing with him.
  • Things went down south between the two and Ace pretty much dragged Grim into a situation he didn't want to be in.
  • Result was Grim being terrified of him and a child for the dragon.
  • Ends up having a one-night stand with Mel.
  • Accidently knocks them up.
  • And a Jayden is born.
  • Is actually allowed to help raise him.
  • Captures both Mel and Toxic to be converted into crystals at the cult.
  • They escape sadly.
  • Gets close to Eon thanks to Helena and ends up hooking up with him.
  • Really does his best to do the whole 'loyal to one partner thing'.
  • Gets into a big fight with Geof, Toxic and Darkness.
  • During said fight he is able to shatter Geof's crystal and nearly dying himself.
  • Absolutely furious with Toxic and ends up kidnapping him.
  • Very much abuses the shit out of him.
  • Takes Acid into his care with intend to raise him to be a little broken puppet.
  • Pestilence swoops in to claim Acid and takes him to safety.
  • Decides to use magic on Toxic with the help of Eon to magically impregnate him.
  • This completely backfires on himself.
  • Toxic blows himself up and nearly kills Ace in the progress.
  • Is saved by Eon who tries to overwrite the Toxic DNA of the childeren with his own but gets interupted half way.
  • Sehkmet and Horus are born.
  • Jayden turns against him and Eon.
  • Jayden uses a trap to nearly kill Ace but end sup killing Eon instead.
  • Ace goes and gets Eon back from the Discordian pits.
  • Thinfs are relative calm from that point besides the occasional fights with Geof.
  • Though starts realizing that the Eon he had brought back was not the same as before at all.
  • Attempts to remain loyal regardless even if it made him unhappy.
  • Fangs and Nails are being idiots with Geof who splits off Death.
  • Not so happy about that at all.
  • Gets into a big fight with Tumult not too long after which results in him losing his soul and his memories.
  • Stuck in this haze as he has no clue who he is and what he does.
  • Does slowly start piecing things togethere before really getting snapped out of it thanks to Perfidy.
  • Got a free appartment from her.
  • Tries to enjoy the life of a swinger but far from happy.
  • Perfidy tells him she never wants to see him again.
  • Kind of devistated from that but has no real option other than to accept it.
  • Runs into Fangs ,who he can't remember at that point, ends up sleeping with her.
  • Turns into Jayden who found his location and is promptly knocked out.
  • Gets dragged off to the RIP research faculty.
  • Is tested on vigurously for his immortality.
  • Health really gets ruined and the constant stress he is put under causes his golden hair to turn a ghostly white.
  • Very much gives up on any chance of escaping since nobody had come to search for him at all.
  • Tries to co-operate as much as he can despite all the pain.



Name Relation Notes
Superbia Din Father Can't remember him.
Luxuria Din Mother Can't remember her.
Amsu Din Older Brother Can't remember him.
Safiya Din Older Sister Can't remember her.
Isis Din Daughter Can't remember her.
Jayden Din Son Hates the lil shit for knocking him out and dragging him to this life of despair. Doesn't know his name or relation to him.
Sehkmet Amris Daughter Can't remember her.
Horus 'Solaris' Din Son Can't remember him.
Anubis Din Grand-Son Never met him.
Aten Amris Grand-Son Never met him.
Raven Torone Grand-Son Never met him.
Jennifer 'Jenny' Jones Grand-Daughter Never met her.

Positive Relations

Name Notes
Nelson 'Grim' Royce Used to be friends with benefits with him before Jayden knocked him out and dragged him away.
Perfidy Might'ver had big feelings for her which made her statement of never wanting to see him again hurt even more. Hopes that someday he'll see her again.

Negative Relations

Name Notes
Haze Vermilon One of the scientists that works at the RIP faculty. Really hates his guts for everything but is unable to attack due to his own weak state and the collar that blocks his powers.



  • If he had a voice actor it would be Frank Sinatra.
  • Ace's full name is build up out of the words ace and death.
  • Was named Ace because of the meaning behind the Ace of Spades card which basically is the card of death.
  • Originally was designed by Lady in 2011-ish as a wolf but ended up in the NPC bin. Got revamped around 2012 into what he is today.
Eros and Apollo - Studio Killers

Eros and Apollo - Studio Killers

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