Full name Amos of the house of Gemini
Alias Amos, Amos-mei
Gender Male
Age 15
Species Echidna
Sub-Species -
Sexuality Homosexual
Element -
Occupation Civilian
Status Alive


Height: Slightly below the average mobian height

Build: Slender with feminine features

Main color: Brown

Markings: -

Skin color: Pale peach

Eye style and color: Big round eyes, emerald green colored

Hair/Quil/Dread style: Has small bangs in his face, two long dreads that end with a spiral that frame his face. Wears a high pony tail in the back wich ends in 3 dreads that go down before curling upwards

Other noticeable features:

  • Crossdresser - Always is seen wearing dresses and skirts. Tries his best to be as girly as possible appearance wise

Overall clothing style: Most often is seen wearing an emerald green dress with turtle neck and no sleeves that reaches near the knees, the middle of it having a white strip with a green decorating at the bottom, dress splits into three at hip height. Wears two wide sleeves on his arms, wears black shorts under the dress, wears knee heigh black boots with white noses.



  • Dressing up
  • Looking pretty
  • Helping out
  • His family
  • Learning and discovering new things


  • Getting negative interactions due to his prefferances
  • Having people worry too much about him
  • Being told to rest

Fav drink:

Bubble tea

Fav food:



  • Motherly
  • Mature
  • Caring
  • Sometimes a bit overbearing
  • Bery coinfident
  • Positive thinker
  • Hard worker
  • Pushes self past limits some times
  • Easy to get along with
  • Puts others needs before his own

Abilities and SkillsEdit


  • Knows the basic fighting skills
  • Extreemly high stamina


  • Quite low defense and attack
  • Only knows the basic of fighting skills


  • 4th and last born to Malus and Sel-mei
  • Grew up mostly under care of his siblings due to the personality of their parents
  • Very tight knit with his siblings because of this
  • Already quite early on felt more confident dressing up as a girl rather than a boy
  • Struggles with that for a chunk of his life
  • Starts to also notice small puppy-love crushes on other boys
  • Gets supported by his family as he comes out at 12 about his intrests and will to dress as a girl
  • Very much stays low profile and for the sake of it all studies medicine to help out with his parents as much as possible
  • Not the quickest learner but picks up the basics quickly enough
  • Actively takes the choice to not enroll into training to be a full fledged legionair
  • As well as declining cybernetics
  • Not agreeing with the whole soldier mentality
  • Invasion of Seth and his goonies
  • Manages to savely escape with his family and few others
  • Helps the group in their temporary base by sorting and keeping stock
  • Really starts to bond with Viki here
  • Find comfort with her when in need of a place to vent or just talk
  • Currently just trying to help and keep things in motion and smooth operation wise

Character RelationshipsEdit


Name Relation Notes
Sel-mei of the house of Vexion Mother Deeply cares for her and often worries about her and that remote chance she will just drop dead due to her cybernetics failing. Knowing this is somewhat over the top thing to worry about, still can't help himself
Malus of the house of Gemini Father Often is one of the first ones to jump to help him when one of his big depression bouts strike and his suicidale mindset sets in
Yu-mei of the house of Gemini Older sister Looks up to her and how she always can stay so calm. Sees her as the head of the family, even more so then his parents
Nex of the house of Gemini Older brother Tries to help him out as much as he can, mostly considering how social awkward he is most things. Does admire how he does what he believes is right
Leto of the house of Gemini Older brother Tends to find him a bit of a lazy butt, but cares deeply for him regardless. Is not scared to kick him if he is caught dozing on the job so to say
Oberon of the house of Vexion Uncle Looks up to him and his skills. Has a remote will to ask him to teach him a few basical cybernetic skills, just in case needed. Unsure if he currently is alive or not
Nia-mei of the house of Vexion Aunt Never met her
Cali-go of the house of Gemini Aunt Has moments of being terrified of her and her obsession with vechiles. Can't understant why she has it. Is currently teaching Amos how to operate vechiles though, just in case
- Grandparents on both sides Never met them


Name Notes
Viki-ne of the house of the house of Hellian The one he considers her best friend. Feels very at ease around her and is happy to have a friend who does not judge him at all, and instead supports him so much, really appriciates it


Name Notes
- -

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Amos is the only one out of his male siblings that has a name with positive meaning
  • Amos being latin for Affection
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