Full name Anubis Din
Alias -
Gender Male
Age 2
Species Hybrid Sphinx/Coatl
Sub-Species Demi-god
Sexuality It's a child
Element Sound/Godlike abilities
Occupation -
Status Alive


Height: Average child height

Build: Average

Main color: White

Markings: Very light pale yellow driamon on his forehead. His palms and soles of his feet the same color

Skin color: White

Eye style and color: Round shaped eyes with red irises and slitted pupils

Hair/Quil/Dread style: Short fluffy light pale yellow hair

Other noticeable features:

  • Hybrid - Is quite a bit mix of genetics but most prominant are his sphinx origins and the coatl ones
  • Albinism - Is a full on albino. But despite that, not all his colors are pure white. There is pale yellow left with little pigment to it

Overall clothing style:

Wears lose fitting red robe with golden decorations over a tunic and simple pants



  • Books
  • Quiet
  • Being alone


  • People
  • Nega

Fav drink:

Chocolate milk

Fav food:



  • Quiet
  • Keeps to himself
  • Eager learner
  • Has issues with aggresion
  • Short fuse
  • Refuses to interact with those he does not like

Abilities and Skills


  • -


  • Is a child
  • His deity like abilities are completely blocked off leaving him powerless


  • Was born to a gruesome sight of his 'mother' with his guts spilling out practically from the c-section before hanging himself
  • The blood that had been spilling from his wound was used to create a big seal used to seal away Anubis' powers and his deity nature
  • If it wasn't for Nega finding him, would have most likely died right there and then due to the lack of care
  • Placed with Bastet and Dorn
  • Been keeping to himself a lot, making it quite clear there is something up with him
  • Plus a passed down trait from Horus causing him to age faster than he should

Character Relationships


Name Relation Notes
Horus Din 'Mother' Only knows Horus based on that lovely first thing he ever saw. And that was nothing but gore and despair
Nega Father Loaths him and his company. QUite clear distaste for him
??? Half-sibling Doesn't know them
Spike Jokull Half-brother Never met him
Bastet Adoptive mother Tolerates her around. Knows she does her best and because that, keeps himself quiet and not getting in her way
Dorn Sephtis Adoptive father He's...there and he tries sort off. Tends to not get in his way
Serketh Sephtis Adoptive sister Tolerates her around
Sehkmet Amris Aunt Never met her
Acid 'Aiden' Vermonde


Never met him
Aten Amris Cousin Never met him
Aceath Din Grand father Never met him
Eon Amris Grand father Never met him
Toxic Vermonde 'Grand father' Never met him


Name Notes
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Name Notes
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Miscellaneous Information

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