Full name Atlanta Delphina Ros
Alias Atlanta, Squiddie
Gender Female
Age 29
Species Squid
Sub-Species -
Sexuality Pansexual
Element Water
Occupation Bartender
Status Alive


Height: Slightly smaller than the average mobian

Build: Flat, lacking curves

Main color: Light blue

Markings: -

Skin color: -

Eye style and color: Large oval shaped, purple colored eyes

Hair/Quil/Dread style: Has teal dreads. Their lenght reaches her shoulder blades but the majority is tucked into her hat. Leaves two bangs out

Other noticeable features:

  • -

Overall clothing style:
Wears a purple hat to keep her dreads out of her face. Wears a long almost dress like gown purple in color. The way it's shaped around her chest area is to give the illusion of there being any kind of rounding there. Wears teal leg warmers and armbands



  • Booze
  • Being in control
  • Company
  • Listening to people talk
  • Work
  • Theatre


  • Fighting
  • Drugs
  • Minors
  • Heatwaves

Fav drink:

Mineral water

Fav food:



  • 0 Bullshit tolerance
  • Straight to the point
  • Not scared to butt in
  • Hardworking
  • Down to earth
  • Prodigy
  • Friendly
  • Social butterfly
  • Hard to get in a bad mood
  • Caring
  • Conversational

Abilities and SkillsEdit


  • A lot smarter than she looks
  • Very fast and agile
  • Amazing swimmer


  • Lacks fighting skills
  • Relies heavily on just intimidating the other


  • Atlanta is 7th born in a family filled with boys
  • Time and time again had her parents attempted to have a girl but luck was never on their side
  • Though her parents broke up shortly after her birth due to tensions between the two finally exploding
  • Pretty much raised in a home filled with boys
  • If she had been the oldest child, she most likely would've been forced to play mother but considering she is the youngest, this did not happen
  • Was just as tough and energetic as her brothers, leaving her well safe from being bullied
  • Showed signs early on that she was a lot smarter than she looked
  • Very much accepted that as a side thing and didn't stray from her family
  • Gets her first boyfriend in college which comes crashing down due him trying to emotionally manipulate her
  • She was gonna have non of that and kicked his ass
  • Many focussed on economics and bussines related classes, picking up on things very quickly
  • Father started to fall ill and mentally deteriorate
  • Agreed with her brothers that the oldest was to mostly look at their father since he already had a job and family
  • Very often dropping by to help out when she can
  • Finds a job as cleaner at a bar to make some money besides her study
  • Absolutely adores the atmosphere in the bar and sets it as goal to own one herself at some point
  • Working her butt off to save up money for that goal
  • Meets Pavor one night and they talk
  • After Pavor moves with Gueton to hell he leaves his bar to her for free on condition that his drinks were on the house
  • She agrees and thus begins renovation it
  • Graduates before getting into the bartender thing full time
  • Keeping the bar open both during the day and a chunk of the night
  • Though a recent trashing from Pavor had forced her to renovate once more
  • Re-opened her bar The Sunken Reef
  • She knows the name makes no sense but it's sea themed!
  • Then a demon started being a dick around, killing one of her aquintances and one of her brothers
  • Been rather grief striken but has been keeping her head up
  • Trying to socialize like hella to keep her mind of it all

Character RelationshipsEdit


Name Relation Notes
Azure  Ros Mother Honestly is pretty angry at her for leaving. But at the same time can understand. Who wouldn't get frustrated and angry with this much kids?
Nemo Ros Father Looks up to him for being able to deal with all of them on his own since Azure left him. Sad that age is starting to take his toll on the man
Blight Ros Older Brother 10 Year age gap. Oldest brother and by far the most motherly out of all of them. Very much took on the 'mother' role after their actual mother left. No suprise when he got married to another man
Oceanus Ros Older Brother 9 Year age gap. The second oldest and a bit of a jerk. Tends to have a hollier-than-thou attitude. Doesn't mean he actually is able to win from Atlanta in an arm wrestling match though
Murdock Ros Older Brother 6 Year age gap. Third oldest and a twin. Honestly him and his twin practically always are togethere. So creepily close that making incest jokes, didn't feel like much of a joke. Has seen him just fall into the deepest of depressions after the loss of Murrow
Murrow Ros Older Brother 6 Year age gap. Third oldest and a twin. Honestly him and his twin practically always are togethere. So creepily close that making incest jokes, didn't feel like much of a joke. Got crushed in a collapsing building and passed away
Caspian Ros Older Brother 3 Year age gap. Middle child age wise and the most down to earth out of all her brothers. A very cool and calm man. Very much wishes him luck with his recent crush
Seaton Ros Older Brother 1 Year age gap. The brother she grew up closed with due to their ages being so close. Knows he is trying to get approval to start hormanial threatments. Jokes that deep down, he is the girl and she the boy
Olivia Ros Sister-in-law Wife to Oceanus. Kind of dislikes her due to her having a very similair personality to her brother.
Jonas Ros Brother-in-law Husband to Blight. Really enjoys hanging with him and he is a regular at her bar. Finds his shy nature adorable and was the one who first joked that him and Blight should hook up
Diana Ros Niece Adopted daughter to Jonas and Blight. When the family is bussy she tends to babysit her in her free time. Really enjoys seeing her grow


Name Notes
Pavor Baggio Got the bar of him in trade for free drinks to him. Found it a fair deal. Kind of really pissed how he wrecked her bar but at the same time, had well expected that to happen sooner or later.
Dave Venator Her bouncer and honestly, feels sorry for him. He took the time to open up to her and she understands where he is comming from. Plus she knows his past, great deal there. Might be some benefits between the two
Richard 'Dick' Johnson A regular at her bar. Finds it kind of hilarious how tough he attempts to be. Though he has gotten into trouble so often she pretty much memorized his father's phone number. Feels really bad for what happend to him


Name Notes

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • She was meant to be an NPC dammit!
  • Aqua - We Belong To The Sea

    Aqua - We Belong To The Sea

    Atlanta's Themesong

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