Full name Aurore of the house of Pisces
Alias Aura
Gender Female
Age Appears 16
Species Echidna
Sub-Species 'Clone'
Sexuality Bi-sexual
Element Chaos Energy
Occupation Pending at DEL
Status Alive


Height: Little smaller than the average mobian height

Build: Petite

Main color: Dark red

Markings: Bronze rings around her eyes, bangs with a ring on top, bottom tip left red, hands ending in an angle on her wrists, pointed ring above it and toes

Skin color: Light yellow-ish peach

Eye style and color: Large oval eyes, light blue irises

Hair/Quil/Dread style: 1 big dread on each side of her face, back is not dreaded and is tied in a low pony tail to the side, often resting over her shoulder. Has a tuff of bronze hair to one side functioning as a bang

Other noticeable features:

  • -

Overall clothing style: Most often wears uniform like clothing. Top is a white dress shirt with rolled up sleeves, the rolled up part being blue. Wears a blue ribbon around her neck. Also has a blue ribbon at her waist. Skirt starts at waist heigh and reaches the kneeds, is dark blue in color. Wears knee high socks and blue dress shoes



  • Discovering new things
  • Learning
  • Palo-mei and Selen
  • Fashion (To some extend)
  • Music


  • Cursing
  • People who give off bad vibes
  • Loud noises

Fav drink:

Berry juice

Fav food:

Fruits, mostly the berries


  • Curious
  • Childish
  • Naive
  • Doesn't quite understand how the world works
  • Easy learner
  • Easily adjusts to new situations
  • Very upbeat

Abilities and SkillsEdit


  • Adepts quickly to the situation


  • Low stamina
  • Not always aware something is dangerous till too late
  • Powers drain a lot of her energy


  • Teleportation - Able to teleport from A to B, needs to have a clear visual of where she wants to teleport to else it fails
  • Telekinesis - Able to levitate objects of medium weight as well as people
  • Channeling - Able to channel chaos enegery to others


  • Created by Izel out of the DNA of Archer and Dirk
  • Slowly learning how the world works and adepting to life overall
  • Idolizes Palo-mei and looks up to her
  • Got her first real experience with life in the Legion with the whole Talon and Basker deal
  • Stuck close to Palo-mei as support during it all
  • Lost Dirk in a fight with Henk
  • Semi-clingy to Palo in attempt to comfort herself as well as Palo as much as possible
  • Knows she isn't doing the best of jobs with that
  • Flipped out at her when Palo was willing to give herself up to bring Dirk back to life
  • Apparantly she found another way, not 100% supportive of this but at least happy that she found a safe way to do so
  • Just happy that the family is complete again
  • Starts to really focus on studying herbs and what not, in that regard taking after Archer

Character RelationshipsEdit


Name Relation Notes
Dirk of the house of Pisces 'Father' Adores Dirk, sees him like some really big teddybear tha tis both strong, but also very cuddley
Archer of the house of Artemis 'Father' If you were to ask Aura who out of her parents who is more the mother than the father, she'd say Archer. Loves hearing him talk about herbs and all that he knows
Palo-mei of the house of Pisces Half-sister Idolizes her in a not so subtle manner. Believes she is an amazing sister and person in general. Sees her more as a full on sister rather than half
Henk of the house of Pisces Uncle Hates him for killing Dirk in that fight. Swore to herself to never trust him
Phai-xi of the house of Atlas Aunt-in-law Never really met her but can't wrap her head around the idea that somebody would be soultouched to such a jerk
Bullet of the house of Hellian Uncle Finds him to be rather intimidating due to how harsh he can be combined with his height. But at the same time labels him a big teddybear as well, knowing he has that softer side that he should show more
Kiara-ne of the house of Prometheus Aunt-in-law Never really met her but knows from what Viki told her that she was a real kick ass woman
Jean-Baptiste of the house of Pisces Cousin Can not quite understand why he's a nervous wreck the majority of the time. But at the same time understands considering who his father is
Min-xi of the house of Pisces Cousin Never met her
Raphael of the house of Pisces Cousin Never met him
Dart of the house of Hellian Cousin Believes him to have a huge golden heart and to be very honest and true to himself. Mostly due to how he can stand up to Bullet and all
Viki-ne of the house of Hellian Cousin Doesn't really interact all that much with her. Does worry over her regardless, family is still family
Winchester of the house of Hellian First cousin once removed Never interacted with him
Colt of the house of Hellian First cousin once removed Never interacted with him


Name Notes
Selen - Sees Selen as somebody she has a close link with, mostly due to being created in an alike way. Finds her one of the most kind hearted people in the legion or that hangs near the legion
Zac Vladimit Jr. 'Junior' Doesn't fully understand why he is so clingy to Selen but finds him kind enough to be around


Name Notes
Youri of the house of Scorpio It's not so much his behaviour or the interactions. It's just that he gives her such a bad vibe non-stio. It frightens her badly but can't explain it
Nikolai of the house of ??? Find shim a creep on so many levels. Does not understand why he gets so pushy towards the people whos botty he wants so bad
Base of the house of Aaron Not so much anemies as much as just a dislike for him for much of the same reasons as Nikolai. That and he scares the crap out of her
Talon Jokull He hurt Palo-mei and not a little either. Enough reason to hate him for hurting her sister so bad. Is happy that he is rotting away

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Still doesn't understand that she can't just teleport into people's rooms and is terribley invading their privacy
  • Has a pretty good singing voice
  • Her outfit is heavily based on Elisabeth from Bioshock infinite
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