Full name Axel Terash
Alias -
Gender Male
Age 25
Species Turkish van(Cat)
Sub-Species -
Sexuality Bi-sexual
Element Wind
Occupation -
Status Alive


Height: Average Mobian height

Build: Skin and bones

Main color: Dark red

Markings: Peach fingers, toes and underside of tail

Skin color: Peach muzzle, inner ear and stomach

Eye style and color: Sharp shaped eyes, gold brown irises

Hair/Quil/Dread style: Dark dull red with purple undertones in color, has it tied back into a pony tail

Other noticeable features:

  • Glasses - Has to wear glasses due to very poor eye sight
  • Piercings - Used to have two rings in his ears but currently just has the remaining holes
  • Scars - Has self harm scars on the inside of his thights, did them there to keep them better hidden than his wrists
  • Amulet - Wears a red amulet on a silver chain underneath his clothes, was gifted that by Jescoe

Overall clothing style: Wears very fancy blue and white attire on demand of his parents



  • Relaxing
  • Things being peaceful
  • Rainy days
  • Good meals


  • Stress
  • Chaos
  • Feeling like he is stuck in life
  • Medication

Fav drink:


Fav food:

Any filling meal


  • Acts before he thinks
  • Very much a hippie in the sense of 'Make love, not war'
  • Easily addicted to things
  • Easily content
  • Doesn't handle stress well
  • Loyal
  • Kind hearted
  • Day dreamer

Abilities and Skills


  • Able to deflect attacks aimed at him with his wind powers


  • Very low stamina
  • Lacks fighting skills
  • Very low strength
  • Struggles to walk properly without support
  • Panics too quickly
  • Doesn't have full control over his powers
  • Completely mentally out of it


  • Burst - Creates a burst of wind that he is able to control. Can range from shooting him into the air, to deflecting other attacks


  • First and only born in a very wealthy family
  • Very much was the case of 'Lets have a child for the sake of showing how happy and wealthy we are'
  • Was often brough over to the Johnson family when his own parents were both working and or fighting
  • Often was forced to play with Dick on the boy's demand
  • Often was caught in between the two fighting and argueing
  • Got home schooled through out the majority of his childhood
  • Because of that had as good as no friends growning up, just all the materialistic things kids get in a wealthy broken house hold to get him to shut up
  • Started to grow rebelious around 12
  • Parents were having non of his shit and send him to boarding school
  • Got in contact with the wrong kind of people
  • Started doing drugs at 15
  • Parents found out at 16, pulled him out of school, kicked him out of the house and disowned him
  • All because they refused to have a child that wasn't like their demands
  • Stuck on the streets, started stealing and taking small jobs here and there to get money
  • Ends up making enough to ahve his own apartment and still have his drugs
  • Gets into contact with figures much higher up in the underworld of the city, becomes in debt to them
  • Meets Jescoe
  • Finds him very pleasant to be around
  • Over the course of time developes a crush on him
  • Get a bit too under influence one day and became semi-forcefull towards Jescoe and kisses him
  • Upon sobering up pretty much is embressed as hell about himself
  • Tries to stop using drugs for the sake of Jescoe, has horrible withdrawl
  • Weakens contact with Jescoe out of fear of what he might do himself
  • Grows a self-loathing and falls back into using drugs
  • Has to run a few arrends for the higher people he was in debt to
  • Just ends up working himself deeper into debt and troubles
  • Remeets up with Jescoe, paints a lie about how things have been going with him
  • Goes to Jescoe to meet up, finds him dead
  • Gets to meet his mother and pretty litterally has Jescoe slip through his hands and passes out
  • Awakes to him gone, heavily starts blaming himself for having let go
  • Just sinks deeper into his drug useage
  • Has an attempt with Alpha to track him down, fails
  • Returns home to some of the people he was in debt to demanding their payments
  • Unable to give it to them and gets into a huge fight with them
  • Gets beaten up pretty badly before getting shot in the head
  • Neighbours had heard the commotion and called the police
  • Emergency services arive just after the people leave
  • Gets taken into the hospital, barely hanging on
  • Bullet gets removed and he survives
  • But slips into a coma due to the damadge
  • Left alone in the hospital without anybody visiting him
  • Stuck in a state of having a lucid fever dream unable to wake up
  • Parents apparantly found out after a while and saw this as a chance
  • Was forced into being awake by science things
  • Being so roughly forced awake wrecked his perseption of what is real and what isn't
  • Kept on multiple medicines to keep him healthy, without memory, one to wake him and one to put him to sleep
  • Being forced to learn economics currently with his parents demanding he'll follow them up with their company
  • Not allowed to ever go anywhere on his own, always being under watch of either of his parents
  • At least till suddenly only Dick watches over him a loty
  • Finds great solace with him
  • Not blind to the fact that Dick damm tooting had fallen for him
  • Spends pretty much all his time with him
  • One day in the park, suddenly Alpha
  • Kind of overloaded with the information from him about Jescoe apparantly still being alive
  • Spends a few days really recovering from that before he agrees fully to go and look for Jescoe
  • Holy shit he's alive
  • Didn't even try to not be clingy to him
  • Is just happy that booth Alpha and Jescoe are indeed real and back
  • Does feel bad about just, ditching Dick like that
  • Currently just content with the situation he is in, mostly because Jescoe

Character Relationships


Name Relation Notes
Henry Terash Father Only sees him when he is not working. Quite intimidated by his anger outbursts
Irené Terash Mother Dislikes her, dislikes how she talks to him like he is a little child. Hates how she keeps him drugged up with the meds. But keeps getting told it's good for him


Name Notes
Jescoe Murphus Could not remember him prior to getting shot but never fully forgot him either. Had that stuck in his head that it was his fault he died. Hella clingy to him now that he is back. To the point of blind obsession and devotion
Alpha Couldn't remember him prior to getting shot. Quite enjoys having him around and believes him to be veyr mature for his age
Chernobog 'CB' Versil One of the few people he hanged with from time to time and just getting high overall. Was suprisingly intimidated by him. Can't remember him
Malin Zimmer Short time girlfriend, broke up with her after finding out she was still in uni and just was too uncomfterable with it. Didn't want to risk ruining her life as well with drugs. Can't remember her
Garu-da of the house of Leo Was one of the people who tried to help him quite using his drugs. Still is in contact with her from time to time. Can't remember her
Richard 'Dick' Johmnson Childhood friend and hoenstly somebody who he is very close with. Close enough to know and realize the one-sided feelings that are going on. Does feel bad for ditching him in place for Jescoe
William 'Willy' Johnson His family's bussiness partner and knows he often would baby sit when Axel's parents were being jerks to eachother. Though he can't quite remember that anymore. Has been left at his place from time to time since his own coma to make sure he isn't left unattended when his parents are bussy


Name Notes
??? (Multiple people) The crime group that he was in debt to and shot by. Even if his own fault he got a debt with them in the first place. Could have been more gentle about it! Or he could have just known better than to make deals with people like that

Miscellaneous Information

  • Wanted to have a character who was adicted to a kind of drugs, thus Axel was made
  • Very distantly related to Mel
  • Current look was done in an image that was meant to be a one off, but then I liked it too much
  • His health miiiiiiiiiight have been declining a lot and still is