Full name Bow Archer
Alias -
Gender Female
Age 27
Species Hedgehog
Sub-Species Ghost
Sexuality Straight
Element -
Occupation Haunting her twin
Status Dead


Height: A little taller than the average mobian

Build: Slender

Main color: Dark gray


Skin color: Light grey muzzle, inner ears and stomach

Eye style and color: Rounded, blue eyes that are void of light and have a white pupil

Hair/Quil/Dread style: Has a quil at the side of her face and a bang to the other. Spines in the back slightly floof upwards and are shoulder length

Other noticeable features:

  • Wounds - Has a huge gaping hole on her back with her spine missing

Overall clothing style:
Died in the clothing she still wears to this day, a brown cropped top with 3/4th sleeves. A belt with a blue gem and a 3/4th length skirt. Around her wrists she wears blue bracelets and on her ankles two pairs of anklets.Wears simple sandals



  • Helping
  • Nurturing things back to health
  • Alternative medicine
  • Fairy tales
  • Making friends


  • Seeing people hurt
  • Being disliked
  • People having too high expactations of her

Fav drink:

No longer needs to drink but used to really like chocolate milk

Fav food:

No longer needs to eat but used to really like melon


  • Very quick learner
  • Overbearing
  • Worries too much about others
  • Motherly
  • Really well able to hide negative feelings
  • Lets people walk all over her
  • People pleaser

Abilities and SkillsEdit


  • Is a ghost, can't be hit


  • Have something that can entrap and/or kill a ghost? She is screwed


  • Younger twin to Arrow
  • Very much was babied and spoiled more than Arrow
  • Got put on a pedistal and parents claimed she was a prodigy child
  • Despite her still being a little kid
  • Always got all the attention and praise thrown at her
  • Became under presure of it all to do more than her best to indeed succeed as everything at the level everybody said
  • Barely had free time due to her parents signing her up for all kinds of things, from dance classes to sport clubs
  • Noticed Arrow growing angry at her
  • Got beat up by him, but instead of being angry she grew greatly concerned
  • Had a lot of 'friends' in shcool, though most were just trying to get her attention in the hope to get praised and what not
  • Suprisingly unhappy with all the popularity and her achievements
  • Noticed Arrow sneaking out a lot at night
  • Grew rather lonely thanks to it as well as even more worried about him
  • Managed to get accepted into a highly praised college at an early age
  • Met Gwen around this time
  • Works herself to the bone to keep prestating as best as possible as to not dissapoint everybody
  • Extreemly worried about Arrow since starting to notice something about him
  • Heads home after one of her preformences, gets attacked and mauled by Arrow
  • Dies from having her spine ripped out
  • Instead of being able to pass on calmly, ends up as a ghost
  • Tries to get Arrow's attention with the intend to help him out of his mess
  • He completely ignores her
  • Even going as far as trying to get her banish her fully
  • Too bad for him that it failed
  • Was rather scared after this attempt, but stuck close to him
  • Mostly all because of the gutteral feeling of needing to help him out
  • Shocked as he starts hurting and killing innocent people but unable to step in and stop him
  • Still trying to truely reach him and help, growing more and more desperate and hurt by him ignoring her

Character RelationshipsEdit


Name Relation Notes
Quiver Archer Mother Was rather worried about her in it all. Mostly due to noticing how much she allowed their father to do to her, conluding herself that it was some sort of abuse
Flint Archer Father The main person who always put her up in the spotlight and put all those presure on her. Still loves him regardless, knowing he was just doing it because she was his baby girl
Arrow Archer Twin brother Extreemly worried about him. Just wished he would let her help him out. Out of all that suffering, away from all his anger. But she is always brushed off like a fly being swatted
Rachel 'Red' Bullet Niece Never met her


Name Notes


Name Notes

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • The majority of he colors are the inverted ones of Arrow
  • Is a rather good actice, singer, dancer, learner, musician and artist
  • All this because of hard learning and refusing to let her parents down
  • Can play a total of 3 intruments, Piano, flute and harp