Full name Chernobog Versil
Alias Cherno, CB, #B349G
Gender Male
Age Appears 19, Technically around the 3
Species Hybrid Goat/Hedgehog
Sub-Species Demon
Sexuality Bi-sexual
Element Poison
Occupation Student
Status Alive


Height: Average mobian height

Build: Slender

Main color: Gray

Markings: Light blue ear tips, tail tip, lower legs and spots on his back

Skin color: Light grey muzzle, inner ear, arms, underside of feet and stomach

Eye style and color: Diamon shapes eyes, iris's have circles in them with the outer circle being golden and the inner a white, tiny pupils and black scalera

Hair/Quil/Dread style: White hair that he has kept on the medium length. Allows for sideburns on the side of his face

Other noticeable features:

  • Horns - Has a set of golden horns with a lose S-shape. Tips are blue color
  • Tail - Much like Gueton he has a tuff of fur at the end of his tail, even if smaller in volume
  • Hybrid - Looks more hedgehog than goat. Only traits he has of the goat dna are the horns, slightly longer tail with tail fluff and a tendency to easily get fluffy. Only reason he isn't as scruffy and fuffy as Gueton is due to him actively cutting it all and keeping it trimmed

Overall clothing style:
Tends to wear a sleeveless light blue shirt underneath a golden hoodie with white decorations. Pants are black that he wears over his neon colored shoes



  • Having things in order
  • Booze
  • His family
  • Music
  • Singing
  • Hanging with people he cares about


  • MAIA
  • GUN
  • Demon hunters
  • Most people
  • Being alone
  • Sleeping

Fav drink:

Garlic bread

Fav food:



  • Quiet
  • Impulsive
  • Short tempered
  • Easily agitated
  • Family man
  • Insecure
  • Curious
  • Bottles up feelings

Abilities and SkillsEdit


  • Resistant to all kinds of poison and radition. He could litterally stand in the midst of a nuclear explosion and be perfectly fine
  • Demon form
  • Was litteraly created to be a warrior and fighter and it shows


  • Tends to get over confident and reckless
  • Holy magic
  • When there are people he cares about around and in risk of being hurt


  • Poison Spit - Much like some snakes he is able to spit poison at his enemies
  • Poison Touch - Able to spread the posion by being touched. It's highly paralyzing and will work it's way to the heart of the one who touched him without his consent, it will stop the heart from beating within minutes
  • Shadow manipulation - His weakest skill and one he hopes to improve with training. Is able to control shadows in the most cliché ways


  • Created as experiment for GUN as a super clone soldier togethere with Ezekiel and a few others
  • Pretty much was highly trained in combat since the start
  • Got sick of it all pretty quickly and during a big break out of two other clones CB ran off with his friend under cover of the others drawing all attention to themselves
  • Just happy to be free and discussing plans with Ezekiel
  • Yes looking up their genetic family, best idea ever
  • Meets Gueton and Pavor who are confused as all hell
  • Is happy that he is accepted into the family despite the confusion and disbelieve
  • Though doesn't get along as well with Pavor as with Gueton
  • Often had Ezekiel stay over and be around him
  • Gets kidnapped after school togethere with Ezekiel by GUN to be broken down
  • And broken down they were, just destroying their minds completely in that sense
  • Got rescued by his parents and Ezekiel's parents
  • Gueton often away after that, doesn't know why
  • Pavor kinda failing at parenting due to CB not allowing him to touch him
  • Starts drinking around this time
  • Leaves the house quite often just to distract himself, makes the wrong kinds of friends and picks up smoking and drugs
  • Ends up losing his virginity as well around this time
  • Trying to also be their for Ezekiel who is still as broken as he is himself
  • Goes to meet up with him one day just to find Ezekiel and his family murdered
  • Rushes home and casually breaks the fuck down there as they flee
  • Shuts down a lot and refuses to let people near, starts doing research in books for a way to bring Ezekiel back
  • Goes to the upper to find others who might want to help
  • Meets Virus in a bar and discovers he is family of Ezekiel
  • The two work togethere and bring the family back to life, each giving up their soul for somebody, CB for Ezekiel of course
  • Happy Ezekiel is back, less happy he became so clingy
  • Tries to distract himself by exploring more on the upper on his own
  • Gets kidnapped by Dave and saved again
  • 3rd breakdown occurs and he just gives up in a way, wanting to go on a killing spree in revenge
  • Just at a lose what to do with himself or his life anymore
  • Growing increasingly depressed and keeps silent about it
  • Has Gueton try to get him to open up and have his family help
  • Only being doing that halfly, remains rather shut in
  • Has picked up a study again to try and get himself out of his slump
  • Feeling kinda bad how he worries his family so much
  • Learning how to put on a mask in a sense to hide it
  • Fully focusses on his study to distrance himself from his feelings and emotions, all under cover that he just trying to move onward with life
  • Things being quiet, too quiet
  • And then Gueton goes missing
  • Using his study to distract himself while still looking out for him outside
  • Actually bonded a tiny bit with Pavor during this all

Character RelationshipsEdit


Name Relation Notes
Gueton Versil Father The parent he is closest to overall. Mostly due to Gueton's patience and having been so open to the idea of having him there since the start. Really appriciates all that he has done for it and feels bad for not being able to keep his chin up. Feels like he is just insulting all the care Gueton put into him
Pavor Baggio Father Tends to have this odd conflict with him. Knows he cares deep down but just refuses to let him touch him, mostly out of trauma at the idea of having his mind invaded again. Does care back about him but other wise just has a lot of trouble of getting along with him
Bafalaut Versil Grandfather Only met him a few times, kinda finds it hard to believe that a demon his age and rank is such a dork. Just can't phantom that idea at all and is confused about it
Mafrit 'Grandmother' The fused entity with multiple people including his grandmother. Whom it turned out he had slept with without knowing who she was. Mafrit has been all to kind to rub this fact in his face. Does not like Mafrit as you can imagine
Xavier Baggio Grandfather Never met him
Zala Baggio Grandmother Met her a few times now and finds her to be an okay person. Does not approve of her attempts to force Pavor into that gaurdian position but other wise gets along with her
Elpison 'Jay Brightwood' Aunt Never met her
????? Aunt and Uncles Bunch more uncles and aunts from Bafalauts side. Never met any of them
Helter Lues Aunt Thinks she's a spoiled little shit and ungrateful wrench. Feels sorry for his father for having to put up with her
Skelter Lues Uncle Another spoiled little shit that is a straight out jerk. Just why do they keep getting dumped on his father, poor man dammit

Elenor Baggio

Aunt Never met her
Joshua Baggio Uncle Never met him


Name Notes
Ezekiel Blackspot His best and closed friend. Considers him more as family due to growing up with him. Is ridiculously worried about him mostly after all that has happened. Currently shares a soul bond in a sense with him after selling his soul for his revival
Axel Terash A friend he made while in the drugs circle. Doesn't understand how a kind soul like him got caught up in drugs. Knows he doesn't remember him
Vincent 'Virus' Blackspot Never met him before the ressurection but remained in contact with him. Often going out to drink with him when both feel like it. Might have tried to make a move or two on Virus only to get rejected
Malin Zimmer One of the people that go to uni with him. As well as an older buddy he did the drugs with. Knows she still does it, he just doesn't anymore. Doesn't mean they are no longer friends


Name Notes
Eric Smith One of the main GUN scientist that went over their clone project. Saw the man a few times and has the face practically engraved into his own
MAIA They killed his best friend and tried to kill his parents, more than enough reason to hate absolutely everything about them
GUN Made them and tried to shape them into something they weren't. The whole 'lets break them to get them to bend to our will'  kind sealed the deal on fuck no lets stay away from them

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Suffers a lot from night terrors
  • Been trying to less his drug useage but to counter that has been smoking more than ussual
  • Has a suprisingly good singing voice
  • Despite Pavor's resistance to booze and alchohol, CB doesn't have that
  • Chernobog is name after a slavic god
  • Originally started as a crack design but then an RP opertunity came and opened up the possiblity for him being real
Carl Espen - Silent Storm (Norway) 2014 Eurovision Song Contest-0

Carl Espen - Silent Storm (Norway) 2014 Eurovision Song Contest-0

CB's Themesong

Demon CB

Chernobog's demon form