Full name Sagittarius
Alias Chiron Pan
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Species Kirin
Sub-Species Zodiac (Deity)
Sexuality Asexual (Panromantic)
Element Fire
Occupation University teacher/Keeper of Wisdom and Enlightment
Status Alive


Height: Half a head taller than the average mobian

Build: Average

Main color: Bronze

Markings: Darker bronze scales on his arms, cheeks, nose bridge and lower legs. Dame dark brown for fingers and toes

Skin color: White muzzle, inner ears and stomach

Eye style and color: Rectangle shaped, pale yellow eyes with slit pupils

Hair/Quil/Dread style: Blond medium lenght hair that reaches the nape of his neck. Has a single big bang to one side

Other noticeable features:

  • Glasses - Can see without glasses but his vision is rather blurry and makes it hard to function without
  • Tattooo - Has the symbol of jupiter on his right shoulderblade. Got it out of curiousity
  • Piercing - Has a small hole in his tongue where a tongue piercing tends to be. Is practically never seen wearing it though

Overall clothing style:

Wears a stainless white dress shirt with rolled up sleeves. Wears a dark brown tie and dark brown pants. Does not tuck his shirt in to make it look more casual. Wears brown sneakers underneath it all



  • Learning
  • Exploring
  • Discovering new things
  • Explosions
  • Science
  • Mobians


  • Being tied down
  • Listening to others rant
  • His sub-species
  • The astral plane

Fav drink:

Orange juice

Fav food:



  • Curious
  • Easily excited (Though he tries to hide that fact)
  • Daydreamer
  • Gets lost in own thoughts
  • Philosophiser
  • Envious of mobians
  • Considerate
  • Thinks before acting
  • Has a habbit of overthinking situations
  • Passive
  • Hard to anger

Abilities and SkillsEdit


  • Able to control fire
  • A lot stronger than he looks
  • High adeptability to whatever situation


  • Lacks full control of his fire, often hurting himself in progress when using it
  • Not a fighter at heart


  • One of the zodiacs created
  • Keeper of Wisdom and Enlightment
  • Hung around mobius a lot to help others out and spread what he is keeper of
  • Started to develope an odd fasination with mobians and their habbits and ways of life
  • Started visiting the Astral plane less and less and instead kept on mobius
  • Grew kinda envious of mobians and the way they interact with eachother and all the feelings they have for eachother
  • Took on a more mortal sounding alias as Chiron Pan
  • Started experimenting with things he saw the mobians do (Such as getting a tattoo and piercing, all out of curiousity)
  • Find a small loophole how he could show what he is keeper off, it was to be come a teacher
  • Applied and everything and ended up as teacher at the Scelus university
  • Teaching both science and Philosophy courses

Character RelationshipsEdit


Name Relation Notes
Aries Fellow Zodiac In all honesty, doesn't sees him as a leader at all. Just seems him as an equal being. Deep down can get rather angry when others see him as a leader mostly because it means one is better than the rest of them. Not cool with that at all
Gemini Fellow Zodiac His 'student'. Gets along well with the high enegery child looking zodiac, most likely due to their keepsake being so familiar to one another. One of Wisdom and Enlightment, the other of Knowledge and Understanding. Best way to descripe the way they interact is very student/teacher styled
Scorpio Fellow Zodiac As it stands, doesn't like him at all. Overall finds him a bit of a jerk more than anything else. Preffers to just avoid or ignore him.
Ophi Fellow Zodiac Barely ever spoke to them at all and thus has 0 bond with Ophi


Name Notes
Rachel 'Red' Bullet One of his students that lingers the most around him as she rants about her issues and attempts at dealing with her were-stuff. Kinda feels sorry for her in it all

Mira 'Mirage 'Royce

Knows the girl has a crush on him and deals with it rather calmly. Though deep down is conflicted. On one hand would love to give into it all just to experience how that stuff is. But on the other hand, has no idea if it's even acceptable considering their postions and because of his Zodiac status
Gueton Versil One of his collegues, enjoys having 'deep' talks with him due to the two of them basically teaching similair courses


Name Notes

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Reason why instead of the obvious zodiac tattoo he has a Jupiter one is because Jupiter is the planet that is most assosiated with Sagittarius
  • Is a kirin rather than the obvious horse/pegasus/unicorn because I wanted to be creative AND because kirin litterally look like dragon horses and dragons often represent wisdom and knowledge in asia mythos
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