Cult of Clades
Cult of Clades
Name Cult of Clades
Worships Clades The God of Death and Rebirth
Scared Texts Tales of Clades
Current Leader  ???
Headquarters Scelus
Status Obscure


Tales of CladesEdit


Childeren of CladesEdit

The DreamerEdit

The first rumored child that Clades ever had. A demi-god with powers specializing in dreams. They were able to enter the dreams of others as well as their own. As they helped the lost find their way out of the comas and deep sleeps they themselves became lost in them. They never woke up again and their body wasted away.

The CreatorEdit

The second rumored child of Clades. A demi-god with the ability to create anything they wished to. As their powers grew and they created more and more, they lost the ability to tell reality from their creations. They lost control and their creations turned on the Creator, slaughtering them in the progress.

The SeerEdit

Third rumored child of Clades. A demi-god whom was a powerfull seer. They were able to see the past as well as all future outcomes. They were loved by many as the things they told always ended up true. The seer become so intrested in all that was to come that they got stuck in their visions and forgot to life in the now causing their body to dehydrate and starve.

The HealerEdit

Fourth rumored child of Clades. A demi-god with very powerfull healing abilities. They were able to heal any injuries that people came with. Even being rumored to save many from the brink of death. However the more people they healed, their body started to deteriorate. But as the numbers or hurt people kept increasing, they didn't stop healing them. They body gave out as they healed a person's heart.

The Lucky

Fifth rumored child of Clades. A demi-god able to control lucky. They were loved by many as they helped many to get luck on their side. The more people they helped to their luck, the more unlucky they became. Bad luck claiming the life of the demi-god as they tripped over their own feet and landed in such a way that their neck snapped, killing them instantly.

The LovedEdit

Sixth rumored child of Clades. A demi-god able to make people fall in love. They helped many to find their soulmate. But as time passed, they themselves became lonely and jealouse of those that did have a special somebody. They decied that EVERYBODY should love her for what she did for them. And love them they did. Except everybody wanted a piece of them to treasure. They crowded them and ripped them apart.




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