Full name Dave Venator
Alias Dave, Monster
Gender Male
Age 45
Species Dog
Sub-Species -
Sexuality Straight (Bi-tendencies)
Element Darkness
Occupation Bouncer
Status Alive


Height: Half a head bigger than the average mobian

Build: Muscular

Main color: Light sand brown

Markings: Black ears, fingers and toes

Skin color: Black muzzle, inner ears and stomach

Eye style and color: Sharp shaped eyes, iris is two colors of green with an outer circle being in a lighter color

Hair/Quil/Dread style: Dirt blond wavy hair, tied back into a pony tail, reaches past his shoulders

Other noticeable features:

  • Scars - Has 3 viseable scars in his face and about 7 more over his chest, back and legs from his demon hunting days
  • Facial hair - Has a small beard that he grew out of not being able to shave often, tends to be really scruffy overall
  • Tail - Lacks a tail due to being born with a bobbed one, only has small scarring where it should've been
  • Ears - Ears are rather dropey and are never seen in an upright position, are able to get folded a little closer to his head but not by much

Overall clothing style:
Tends to wear a white t-shirt with a plaid patterned green shirt over it, baggy brown pants and sniple green with white sneakers. Some times is seen wearing a badly patched up brown jacket during the winter months



  • A roof above his head
  • Warmth
  • Comfort
  • Being in control of the situation


  • Cold
  • MAIA
  • Being controled by others
  • Being handled like dirt
  • Being called a monster
  • Demons

Fav drink:


Fav food:

Most kinds of meat


  • Aggresive
  • Straight to the point
  • Not scared to get his hands dirty
  • Scared of death
  • Hard worker
  • Loyal friend
  • Tends to bottle up his feelings
  • More than willing to cross the moral lines of what is okay and what isn't
  • Doesn't give up easily
  • Wrathfull

Abilities and SkillsEdit


  • A lot of fighting experience
  • Handy with weapons
  • Weapons are made to kill demons
  • Knows his own weaknesses


  • Mortal
  • While strong is very slowly and not that agile
  • Very straight forward with his attacks
  • Tends to forget to defend himself


  • Only child to a middle class family
  • Parents were heavily religious and thus Dave was raised heavily religious
  • Family always were in trouble with money but were able to survive
  • Was often bullied as child and the only reason he never attacked was because of religion saying that revenge is baaaaaaaad
  • But besides that, had an okay enough childhood filled with love from his parents
  • Went to a public high school and first got into contact with teens that weren't exposed to religion as much as he was
  • It helped open his eyes about a few things
  • Worked hard on his grades throughout high school and was accepted into uni at the age of 16
  • Meets up with Anna-beth
  • Starts dating her and is a complete dork about it due to never having dated before
  • In the heat of it all ends up sleeping with her despite his own doubts about it
  • Turns out he managed to knock her up
  • Heavily blames himself for it
  • Fears start boiling up about what would happen to him after he dies
  • Tells his parents despite being dead scared
  • They take it hard but offered to support him regardless, on the condition that he marries her
  • Marries Anna-beth at age 17 a month after their daught is born
  • Gets a job besides his study as bouncer for a club
  • Working around the clock switching between making money for his family and studying for his courses
  • Has multiple break downs from stress and bad sleeping but keeps it up for his wife and daughter
  • After 2 years is forced to drop out due to his grades just failing more and more
  • Picks up his job full time and is acutally able to have free time with his family to see his daughter grow up
  • Gets into a particulair bad fight with a man during his one of his work shifts
  • Man yells that he'll regret his behaviour
  • Returns early morning after his shift is over only to find his wife and at the time 5 year old daughter as feral demons
  • Gets attacked by them
  • In a panicked frenzy grabs a knife and stabs both of them, killing them in a single hit
  • Stuck in a state of shock and disbelieve that that happened and that HE actively killed them
  • Completely emotionally crumbles and breaks
  • Moves back in with his parents on their request due to their worry
  • Becomes inmensly depressed, quitting his job
  • Giving up religion, blaming whatever god was up there for this bad luck
  • Feelings of wrath start boiling up throughout the course of months
  • Decideds he wants revenge and slips off in the night to find the man from before
  • Finds him and murders him in cold blood, turns out the man was a demon
  • Not comfterable about the idea of returning to his parents after that act
  • Remains on the streets instead with just the money he had left
  • Wrath keeps boiling as he grows a hate for demons
  • Decides to start hunting them from taking away the two people he loved most in the world
  • Not the best hunter at all during the first few years
  • Starts picking up with skills over the course of time and starts to broading out towards other supernatural beings as well
  • Starts making his money that way but remains on the streets
  • During this time his morality line start blurring more and more as he keeps crossing it
  • Getting more and more violent with his kills and actions thanks to all the bottled up anger
  • Really starts hanging around other hunters as well
  • Ends up at MAIA as a hunter
  • Makes a few big kills there, starts bonding with others such as Goodwill and Faith
  • Mostly clicks with Goodwill up to the point where he slowly starts developing feelings for him
  • Ridiculously confused about it since he is straight
  • Makes many enemies thanks to his hunting, even rapes somebody during his time there at MAIA
  • Gets his ass cursed thanks to Gueton
  • Tries to get helo from Goodwill who turns his back on his and alerts the rest of the base
  • Gets killed by Albrecht
  • Resummoned by Arrow and forced into a pact with him
  • Stuck as a demon and doing chores for him
  • Talks with Goodwill who promises to help him out of his curse
  • Becomes increasingly depressed again under such control that he turns on MAIA, helping a bunch of people attack them back but not before kissing Goodwill and telling him he hopes it ends as suicide mission
  • Still alive and stuck running errands after it though
  • Tries to track down who put a curse on him
  • Slowly works it out and kidnaps CB to get Gueton to find out how to break it
  • 'True love's kiss' Pretty much breaks at that, letting CB go free
  • Has a deep discussion with Faith about it and tries to cheer her up while he himself is a depressed buttnugget
  • And she kisses him, welp
  • Very confused at that, sticks to the streets in silence
  • Drops in to Goodwill just for the sake of company, get backstabbed in a sense with Goodwill no longer wanting to do anything with him due to his demon stuff
  • Depressed drinker
  • Runs into a man who goes by the name of 'Mordecai'
  • Man claims he can help fix the curse under payment
  • Man removes his curse and Dave pays, with his body in a sense
  • Not feeling to proud of himself over that but at least is happy to just be mortal again
  • Trying to get a job again and leave the hunting behind, just wants to have a peaceful life and a family again, heavily considering turning back to religion as comfort
  • Managed to score a job out of mercy from Atlanta as bouncer for her bar during the night time since it's rebuild

Character RelationshipsEdit


Name Relation Notes
Robbert Venator Father Always was close to his father and helped him out as often as he could. Looked up to him greatly through the majority of his life. Only recently found out he passed away due to old age. Feels bad he never got back into conact with them
Belinda Venator Mother Highly believed she was the man of the house. Hearing her tales of before she married his father and turned to god always baffled him. Apparently she was a huge rebel and raging lesbian. Looks up to her in the respect of being a rebel despite everything and being tough as hell. Recently heard she passed away after a heart attack
Anna-beth Venator/Verto Wife His first and only girlfriend in his life. Believes her to be his true love and was happy with her during their time togethere despite the age gap of 6 years with her being older. Even after so many years he still griefs over her
Lisbeth Venator Daughter His pride and joy and the one thing that would make all his struggles worth it as young adult. She was his reason to keep on going and keep his head high. Will never able to let her go after his actions, always keeping her in his heart


Name Notes
Kern Goodwill Honestly is very comflicted about Goodwill currently. He still has feelings for him but at the same time is hurt as hell about the back stabbing. Though he can understand why he did what he did, unsure on how to handle things with him as it is
Cassandera 'Faith' Sommervale One of the few he was able to bond with during his time at MAIA, sees her as a skilled fellow hunter. Knows she's stuck in a rut as much as he was after MAIA fell and she too was forced to see the moral grey area. Rather confused about her affection towards him and unsure as well, what to do with it. Unaware of her current situation
Altanta Ros His boss and owes her a lot for giving him this oppertunity. Honestly kind of intimidated by her from time to time. There might be some benefits between the two of them


Name Notes
Arrow Archer Started off at good terms and was thankful he was saved by him but that turned to anger and hate over the course of time of being bossed around like some attack dog. And thus as grown a huge hate towards him
MAIA Turned a full 180 from being one of them to fully against them, mostly the fault of their leader, he's an ass
Multiple immortals Pissed of a lot of people during his time as a full on hunter and quite a bunch are against him, and he very much against them as well, though at this point he just wants to leave that all in the past
Ladon Breen Bickers a lot with him and honestly hates his guts for never letting up about what he did during his MAIA days

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Venator is latin for Hunter/Huntsman
  • A huge crossbreed genetically but has Rottweiler in him
  • During his time as hunter made quite a large sum of money, yet never really spend it or is planning on spending it, motives very much unknown, hell he doesn't even know
  • His trade mark weapons are silver knifes carved with angelic runes that have been blessed. Has quite a lot of them and has at least two on him at all time