Full name Elenor Baggio
Alias Nora
Gender Female
Age 225
Species Hedgehog
Sub-Species Demon
Sexuality Pansexual
Element Poison/Psychic
Occupation Traveler
Status Alive


Height: Slightly smaller than the average mobian

Build: Average

Main color: Dark blue

Markings: Pick splotched matkings on her ears, tail, feet, hands, quil tips and on her eye

Skin color: Peach muzzle, inner ears, arms and chest

Eye style and color: Sharp shaped, orang eyewhites, white eyes and slit pupils

Hair/Quil/Dread style: Has two quils on the side of her face and a bang to one side

Other noticeable features:

  • Glow - Orange fur bits glow softly in the dark

Overall clothing style:
Wears an orange sleeveless top over a plaid white skirt. Under the skirt wears orange shorts so no upskirt peeking is possible. Wears arm warms that are white with black edges. wears white stockings in orange boots with platforms



  • Being worshipped
  • Power
  • Bringing people to their knees


  • The fact that she some times croaks
  • The majority of men and their hormons

Fav drink:


Fav food:



  • Power hungry
  • Aggresive
  • Dominant
  • Needy
  • Over obsessive
  • Will do whatever to get what she wants
  • Affectionate
  • Accepting
  • Openminded

Abilities and SkillsEdit


  • Knows how to combine her powers for the best effects
  • Extreemly agile and fast with a high stamina


  • Quite bad at hand to hand combat
  • Far from stealthy
  • Relies way too heavily on her powers


  • Poison Spit - Much like some snakes he is able to spit poison at her enemies
  • Poison Touch - Able to spread the posion by being touched. It's highly paralyzing and will work it's way to the heart of the one who touched her without her consent, it will stop the heart from beating within minutes
  • Mind control - Is able to mind control people to a certain degree. The lower their will, the easier she can control them
  • Telekinesis - Able to lift objects and move them with her mind. This includes hurling objects at opponents
  • Hypnotism - Able to hypnotise her opponent into an idle state with their gaurd lowered
  • Hallucinations - Due to the combining effect of poison and her mental powers, is able to embed extreemly powerfull hallucinations that do not dissapear till the poison has run out. This poison being gas based and insanely hard to detect
  • Ensnare - Once again a combination of her powers, uses her psychic powers to stun an enemy in place, using poisonous gas to then paralyze them completely for as long as the poison is in effect


  • Middle child born to Zala and Xavier
  • Was a spoiled little shit
  • Always heard word about being a guardian of the Styx
  • Became very intrested in it and told her mother she wanted to be the next guardian to do good and help this world
  • Was denied
  • Very hurt of this and didn't understand, tried to figure it out
  • Apparantly her older brother was the only one able to take her place
  • Furious at this as it was unfair as could be to her
  • The bickering between her and Zala continued for a year or two till at the age of 25 she was sick of it and left to the upper
  • Went on a tiny rampage for as long as her rage lasted, training herself to proof her mother wrong, that she could be as strong as her older brother if not stronger
  • Spend the next years training like crazy, getting stronger and stronger
  • Learns of mythos of a locked demonlord
  • Figures that if she can free the demonlord, she will be rewarded with even more power and a high rank
  • Perfect to shove it in the face of those who underminded her
  • Starts her journey to track it down and it's location

Character RelationshipsEdit


Name Relation Notes
Zala Baggio Mother Finds her to be a heartless selfcentered broad that sticks too much to tradition. Doesn't care about her anymore at this point and even if she did, if they met again she would kill her
Xavier Baggio Father Found him a weakling for never speaking up and in on the whole debacle. Had a very bad bond with him thanks to it all, knows he is dead
Pavor Baggio Older brother Never met him but envious as all hell of him and that fact that, just because he was born first, he gets all the rights. Plans to kill him as it would then make HER the first in line
Joshua Baggio Younger brother Never really met him
Chernobog 'CB' Versil Nephew Doesn't knows he excists


Name Notes


Name Notes

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Oh nooooooo look plot stuff
  • Demon Elenor

    Elenor's demon form

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