Full name Gibson Striker
Alias Gibs
Gender Male
Age Complicated, Appears 18
Species Hedgehog
Sub-Species Incubus
Sexuality Bi-sexual
Element Shadow/Darkness
Occupation Professional Blogger/Photographer
Status Alive


Height: Slightly smaller than your average mobian

Build: Lean but toned

Main color: Black

Markings: Pale yellow line going from his middle and ring finger along his arm up to his shoulder, has a band through it around the wrist. Area beside his eyes is that same pale yellow. Pale yellow toes

Skin color: Tan

Eye style and color: Oval, pale yellow eyes with slitted pupils

Hair/Quil/Dread style: Has a bang on each side of the face as well as a bigged bang that is brushed to one side. Quils in the back are longer and often pulled up in a bun which is hid in his beanie. All bangs turn pale yellow mid way through

Other noticeable features:

  • Glasses - Is blind as all hell without his glasses and thus is never seen without them, unless asleep
  • Missing arm - Was born with just a single arm, only has a small bump where his other should be
  • Piercings - Has two piercings in his lowerlip, has strechers in each ear, has a septum piercing as well
  • Facial hair - Has a small beard that he wears with pride, has a hard time growing facial hair

Overall clothing style: Wears a white turtle neck with rolled up sleeve, the other sleeve pinned up due to a lack of arm. Over that wears a blue colbert. Has a simple black belt and simple jeans with the pant legs tucked into simle sneakers. Pretty much always has his white beanie on.



  • Photography
  • Art
  • Writting
  • Landscapes
  • Nature


  • Being estimated as weak
  • Tall buildings
  • Most big industries
  • Tea

Fav drink:


Fav food:



  • Snarky
  • Hard to impress
  • Doesn't take shit from anybody
  • Lazy
  • Hard to motivate
  • Keeps to himself
  • Blunt
  • Lacks any kind of empathy

Abilities and SkillsEdit


  • Super human speed


  • Would have superhuman strenght if he had both arms, but due to lacking one it sorta is evend out
  • Relies really heavily on his powers
  • Has both your typical vampire weaknesses as well as demon weaknesses


  • Shadow claws - Main form of attack and help in daily life. Is able to create arms from darkness and shadows
  • Blending - Is able to merge into the shadows and resurface somewhere else


  • Born as one of quadruplets from Gwen and Geof
  • Was quickly given to Namah to be taken care off
  • Grew up rather uneventfull
  • Tends to stay away from most to not get in the way
  • Ends up being somewhat of a couch potato togethere with Cane
  • Ages rather fast due to his genetic structure
  • Developes his intrest in photography and blogging
  • Ends up doing rather bad things with Cane
  • Tries to step away from the couch a lil to focus on what is his passion
  • Ends up getting discovered by sheer luck and is able to make his passion his profesion
  • Mostly just calmly focusses on work and if not doing that, is lazing with Cane

Character RelationshipsEdit


Name Relation Notes
Gwendoline 'Gwen' Deaderose Mother Can't remember her and never met her after being given up.
Geof Striker Father Knows him and that he is related to Namah, however never was able to create the link that that is his father
Cane Striker Quad Brother His bond with Cane is rather complicated and blandly, incesty. Though Gibs lately really been getting the idea that the entire thing is based around needs rather than actual feels for eachother
Layla Deaderose Quad Sister Never met her
Fey Deaderose Quad Sister Never met her
Obsidian Striker Older Half-brother Never really met him
Opal Striker Older Half-sister Never met her
Sejij Striker Older Half-brother Never really met him
Fente Striker Older Half-sister Never met her
Mikki Striker Older Half-sister Never met her
Quill ??? Younger Half-sister Doesn't even know she excists
William Deaderose Uncle Never met him
Seth Striker Uncle Never met him, has heard the tales about him though. Is not keen at all about the idea of ever meeting him
Jess 'GS' Striker Uncle Never met him
Aegus Striker Uncle Never met him
Namah Striker Aunt/Adoptive mother in a sense Has always noticed how soft she is and how kind hearted. Is ever so gratefull that she took him and Cane in. Though doesn't quite know how to show it that well.
Babylon Striker Aunt Never met
Din Striker Uncle Never met
Wata Striker Uncle Never met
Mephisto Striker Uncle Never met
May Hedgehog Cousin Has more of a sibling bond with her than anything else. Just loves dicking around with her and hang around her
Adameras Striker Cousin Never met him
Ni.15122012 'Number' Cousin Never met him


Name Notes


Name Notes

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Techincally is a Vampire/Demon hybrid genetically. However due to all that it's closer in comperison to an incubus
  • Officially seen, has no soul at all
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