Full name Greeth Uprising
Alias Greeth, Dumb child
Gender Intersex, uses male pronouns
Age 10
Species Dragon
Sub-Species -
Sexuality Pansexual
Element Pshychic
Occupation Bonded to Ma'hu
Status Alive


Height: Mobian child height

Build: Average

Main color: Black

Markings: Gray arms and legs

Skin color: Gray muzzle, inner ear and stomach

Eye style and color: Rounder oval, full pruple eyes with a slitted pupil

Hair/Quil/Dread style: Has short white hair that is brushed back and up, kinda lick a duck's tail. Has two small bangs in the middle at the front

Other noticeable features:

  • Horns - Has a pair of simple gray horns
  • Wings - Has  apair of purple wings on both the inside and outside, causing them to stand out a lot compared to the rest of his body

Overall clothing style:

Wears a simple white tanktop on yellow shorts that reach knee lenghts. Wears a purple collar with a golden tag on it with his name



  • Being near his bonded
  • Exploring
  • Lazying around


  • Loud sounds
  • Fire
  • Storms

Fav drink:


Fav food:

Stuffed chickem


  • Terrible memory
  • Forgets a lot
  • Loyal
  • Willing to give his life for his bonded
  • Not the brightest spark around
  • Some what of a klutz

Abilities and SkillsEdit


  • Very fast in the air
  • Able to spit acid
  • Can teleport


  • Is about as effective as a fly buzzing around your head
  • Besides the acid is pretty much harmless


  • Telepathy - Has a telepathic bond with Ma'hu and is able to speak to him though that as well as send visuals
  • Acid spit - Is able to spit a highly acidic solution on things. An acid that practically burn through everything
  • Teleportation - Able to teleport from location to location but only if having a very clear image of where to go


  • Greeth was born to a rather large nest of dragons
  • Suprisingly was the runt of it all and was mostly shoved aside
  • And thus grew up rather weak and frail
  • Often forced to run all kinds of errands for his family despite how shitty they treated him
  • Bumps into Ma'hu on one of his errands
  • Pretty much bonds with the teen right away
  • Is taken away by Ma'hu and ends up in his care
  • Becomes practically in seperable to him
  • Starts the show clear signs that his memory is shit as all hell
  • Sees it as both a blessing and curse
  • Ends up forgetting most of his past, but also a few recent things
  • Despite that, knows Ma'hu means a lot to him and thus sticks close to him

Character RelationshipsEdit


Name Relation Notes
??? and ??? Grayscale Parents Had a terrible bond with them, was bossed around more than being actually seen as a child and somebody they needed to raise
- 6 Siblings Had a pretty terrible bond with them and never had any kind of emotion link to them. Secretly jealouse how they did get all attention and love, but not him


Name Notes
Mattanyahu 'Ma'hu' Lathet Ma'hu is practically his adoptive father. But also is a great friend to him, has a very strong mental bond with him thanks to him. Wories a lot about him though and tries to help whenever he makes a wrong decision


Name Notes

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Based on an old DRoP character
  • Abilities heavily based on a Pernese dragon
  • Name is pronounced as Greed
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