Full name Nelson Royce
Alias Grimdark, Grim
Gender Male
Age 28
Species Eastern Dragon
Sub-Species -
Sexuality Homosexual
Element Ice/Psychic
Occupation Stripper at a gayclub
Status Alive


Height: Half a head taller than your average mobian

Build: Slightly toned

Main color: Blue

Markings: Light blue arms and legs. Has two scales above his nose in the same color

Skin color: Light blue muzzle, inner ears and stomach

Eye style and color: Diamond. light blue eyes with slitted pupils

Hair/Quil/Dread style: Has relatively short blue hair with most of the mass brushed to one side, has the back tied up in a low small pony tail

Other noticeable features:

  • Hybrid - Is a hybrid if it comes to subspecies. Half Eastern and half western. The eastern genes seem to be the most prominent, how ever his horns and more scaley parts are a direct link to his western genetics His tail fluff however is very much eastern
  • Piercings - Has one stud in each ear

Overall clothing style:
Most often wears a white v-neck shit with rolled up sleeves. Wears an orange choker and armbands. Wears a pair of brown skinny jeans that start a bit too low, showing off his boxers slightly. Wears simple white sneakers under it



  • Being seen
  • Attention
  • Cold weather
  • Having no strings attached


  • Being touched without his permission
  • Being seen as just an object and not a person
  • The dragon counsil
  • Childeren
  • Being tied up

Fav drink:

Vodka on the rocks

Fav food:

Banana split


  • Flirty
  • Easy going
  • Needy
  • Affectionate
  • Sexual
  • Low selfesteem
  • Attention seeker
  • High intelect

Abilities and SkillsEdit


  • Extreemly high defense and stamina
  • Very strong powers
  • Is pretty much unbeatable if tag-teaming with his brother


  • Barely is able to cause a dent in a pillow
  • If you are able to wear him out he is litterally a wide open target
  • Panics upon close physical contact and easily is overpowered
  • Speaks for itself but: Fire


  • Shield - Is able to create a shield out of his mental powers combined with his ice ones, creating a shield that is able to stand heat but also is as strong as diamonds. Though more often just makes a simple forcefield like shield
  • Ice blast - Is able to send out an iceblast that is made up out of sharp icecles
  • Freeze - Is able to freeze the ground where he stands as well as sending it out in a ray to freeze everything
  • Levitation - Is able to levitate above the ground, doesn't really have a combat purpose
  • Teleketic - Able to lift up and throw stuff with his mind. Doesn't matter how light or heavy the object is. Though the heavier objects drain him a lot more


  • Born twin to Oblivion
  • Parents abonded them before they even were hatched
  • Was placed in an orphange togethere with his twin
  • Often was picked on only to be protected by Oblivion
  • Was pretty much that one kid nearly everybody else likes to dick with
  • Grew up somewhat used to this as well as used to Oblivion standing up for him every single time
  • Very much started to notice his attraction to boys but tried to ignore it as much as possible
  • Instead started experimenting with his powers, developing those over physical strenght
  • Bullying and what not got to a point where both twins snapped and turned against the world
  • Teamed up with his brother and voided to destroy the world
  • Your typical teenage angst really
  • Dumps his birth name and picks up Grimdark, though later simplifying it to Grim
  • Started to sober up after a few years
  • Was beginning to question their hurting of innocent people
  • Got involved with the gay bussiness bar wise and rather enjoyed it all
  • Ends up falling for Ace and very much has a relationship with him that was purely onesided from his side
  • Turns out Ace is a dick
  • Gets into a nasty fight with him
  • Ace turns out a bigger dick and pretty much kidnaps him
  • Is taken to the cult where he is drugged and given a gender chancing potion
  • Is pretty much force bred against his will
  • Had his egg and released by Ace, stating this all better be a good lesson for him
  • Becomes rather depressed and distressed
  • Often ranting to his brother and trying to find comfort
  • Takes a while for him to start hanging out again outside the house and back to the bars
  • Aegus comes to mess with things, taking Oblivion's form and pretty much setting the two up to an incestious bond
  • Gets his job as stripper, finds that he rather enjoys all that attention
  • Truth comes out about Aegus having set it all up and that it was not genuin
  • Rather hurt by this, slipping back into depression
  • Oblivion gets arrange married
  • Realizes it wont be long before they will be forcing him to marry with another despite his 0 intrest in girls
  • Eventually it does happens and he is arranged with Leeri
  • He clicks okay with him, but not able to really feel attracted to him though
  • Focusses a lot on his work to keep himself distracted
  • Secretly panicking and freaking out about the idea of being forced to have kids
  • Remeets Ace who can't remember shit
  • Old feels resurface and becomes friends with benefits
  • Been hanging about calmly, enjoying how peacefull his life is
  • Ace goes missing
  • Well fuck there foes that, remains alert for him but not actively searching for him around

Character RelationshipsEdit


Name Relation Notes
??? & ??? Royce Mother and father Never met them but hates them all the while. For giving them stupid names to the more obvious, leaving them behind. Is unable to forgive them for that
??? 'Oblivion' Royce Twin brother The bond he has with him is somewhat comlicated due to Aegus fucking around with it. Unsure how to truely view him these days thanks to it. Just tries to help where he can considering he is not the smartest being around
Mira 'Mirage' Royce Daughter Doesn't know she even is alive and about in the world
Saphire Royce Sister-in-law Finds her pretty much the stupidest thing alive as well as ditzy. In that sense matches perfectly with his brother


Name Notes
Leeri ??? His fiancé/husband. Is on good terms with him despite the lack of attraction. Sees him more as a housemate rather than anything else
Aceath 'Ace' Din Used to be on really bad grounds with him. Though after Ace having his memory loss, practically was drawn to him again. The two now having a friends with benefits thing going on. Has been noticing his low moods and been trying to help him through it to the best of his abilities
Garu-da of the house of Leo Can't even remember how the two met and why they clicked as well as they did. Finds her adorable and tries to help her out when she needs a place to hide out
Henk of the house of Pisces Sort of becomes attached to Garu-da. Finds him to be a narrowminded asshole and damm well can see his homophobia. However when he is not being a complete ass about that, finds him to be an okay guy
Aiden 'Acid' Puralux A young waiter in the bar he works in. Tries to mentor the young adult to the best of his abilities. Always is open to just sit down with him and talk. Tries to steer him away from the whole scene though and towards university
Ladon Breen Tends to have disagreements with him from time to time due to Ladon's profesion but besides that is on pretty good terms with him. Often goes drinking with him in their free time
Mattanyahu 'Ma'hu' Lathet Met him per accident one night and clicked painfully well with him. Often just talks about whatever is bothering him with the other. Is just happy to have met another eastern dragon in an alike situation as himself
Judea Hatem A friend that often is at the bar. Enjoys hanging with him because talking is not needed between them. When they do it's ranting about boys


Name Notes

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Was meant as a parody kind of bad guy with a terrible reason to be evil
  • Is one of my personal eye-candy characters
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