Gwen 2015
Full name Gwendoline Deaderose
Alias Gwen, Mistress
Gender Female
Age 27
Species Hedgehog
Sub-Species Vampire
Sexuality Straight
Element Fire/Darkness
Occupation -
Status Alive


Height: Slightly below average.
Build: Average.
Main color: Pale yellow.
Markings: Red eyelids and area beside her eyes.
Skin color: Pale muzzle, inner ears and stomach.
Quil color and style: One quil on each side of her face. Short quils in the back that are tied into a small pony tail. Tips of all quils is red.
Eye color: Red with a slit pupil.
Other noticeable features:

  • Scars - Has a total of 3 scars. One underneath her eye and two huge ones on her back.
  • Ear - Misses a chunk in one ear that looks like it has been biten out.
  • Wings - Is able to have wings rip out of her back and is able to retract them back in. This is why she has those huge scars on her back.

Wears a longsleeved white shirt with a blue and light blue striped oversized shirt over it. Wears a belt around her waise to make it all a bit more figure hugging. Wears jeans under it. Tops it off with sneakers in diffrent shades of blue with white.



  • The night.
  • Full moons and new moons.
  • Being away from people.
  • Sunsets and sunrises.
  • Classical music.


  • Hunters.
  • Were-creatures.
  • Being hungry.
  • The cold.

Favorite food: Blood.
Favorite drink: Rare steak.
Favorite color: Lime green.

  • Snarky.
  • Low tolerance of bullshit.
  • Impulsive.
  • Loner.
  • Loyal.
  • Gives no fucks.
  • Introvert.
  • Short temper.

Abilities and skillsEdit


  • Vampiric strength and regeneration.
  • Highly mobile.
  • High speed and reaction speed.


  • Is weak to UV-light. This means that light bulbs that produce it can cause her great pain and injuries. But she is safe behind windows that filter out uv-light despite it being the middle of the day.
  • All your typical weapons that are effective against vampires.
  • Light elemental attacks.
  • Relies a lot on her powers in battle.


  • Hand to hand combat.


  • Fire-ball - Is what it says. It's a big fire ball that she can create and attack with.
  • Flame whip - Creates a long line of fire and is able to pretty much use it as a solid flaming whip.
  • Shadow shield - Creates a big shield of shadows to protect her.


  • Second born child to her parents Simon and Veronica.
  • Was spoiled as could be as a child.
  • Very much felt like she was entitled to whatever she wished which caused her to be very rebelious.
  • Heard of rumors about a dark part of the forest where with resides.
  • Bragged that she would go there and take something back with her to proof how bad ass and brave she was.
  • Went into that forest and came across the witche's hut and broke in, stealing a potion.
  • During her running away she ran straight into the witch who treatend to curse her if she didn't return the item by sun down.
  • Gwen offcourse just blew a rasberry and ran away with the potion to show off with it.
  • As expected she didn't return the item at all.
  • And as the night continued she could feel herself change.
  • Went into a huge blood lust binge and attacked her brother as she was turning herself.
  • Slaughtered her parents in this blind state of hunger.
  • Passed out before sunset and was plucked to safety by her older brother Will.
  • Was in a huge state of shock the weeks following it thanks to what she did and the sudden change that was needed in her life style.
  • Stuck really close to Will as he attempted to keep her safe as well as securing his own future.
  • Didn't really accept her state till 4 years later when she turned 13.
  • Slowly started to explore without her brother as he was studying.
  • Ran into Icy, the witch who had cursed her.
  • Went into a blind rage and attacked her, nearly tearing her apart.
  • And thus she pissed the witch off again whom now wants her dead.
  • Also met Bow and Arrow around this time.
  • Was there when Arrow slaughtered his twin sister.
  • As expected, Arrow wasn't happy at all about having a witness and thus attempted to attack and kill Gwen as well.
  • Managed to run the fuck away, knowing that now she had another person hunting her ass.
  • Speaking of that, she was attacked by a straight out hunter.
  • Thoug after a fierce battle the two somehow managed to get a more romantic natured bond.
  • As he set off to hunt, she lost track of him.
  • Spend a lot of time with Will, feeling rather hurt after that.
  • Met Bishop and ended up biting him and turning him.
  • Headbuts a lot with him but does develope a bond with him.
  • Has a night of bloodlust and lust with Geof which ends up with her getting pregnant.
  • Casually freaks the hell out about it and ends up giving her kids away to family.
  • Two went to Will and two to Namah.
  • Ends up in a love/hate kind of deal with Bishop with each clearly caring about the other.
  • MAIA rears their head.
  • Faith attacks and swiftly is turned as well.
  • Really starts questioning her place in life.



Name Relation Notes
Simon Deaderose Father She always was a daddy's girl and he was the person that spoiled her most throughout her entire life. And thus was very close to him.
Veronica Deaderose Mother Was close to her mother mostly thanks to the fact that her mother was a teacher at the school she went to. Seeing her daily helped to get the two to create a deep bond.
William 'Will' Deaderose Older Brother Will is very much the only reason Gwen survived those teenage years. If it wasn't for him she would've starved or been killed. He is the typical over protective brother over her and honestly she doesn't mind it.
Layla Deaderose Daughter Never bonded with her.
Fey Deaderose Daughter Never bonded with her.
Cane Striker Son Never bonded with him.
Gibson 'Gibs' Striker Son Never bonded with him.

Positive Relations

Name Notes
Petyr 'Bishop' Goodfellow The best way to explain their relationship is a love/hate kind of deal. But it's that at least she cares for him despite everything.
Raziel Tartaros Can't remember how they met but it's the person she feels most at ease with and very much sees him as her best friend. A friend with benefits.
Geof Striker Father of her childeren. Finds him to be a very chill guy and one she enjoys snarking with. Even if Bishop plays cockblock a lot.

Negative RelationsEdit

Name Notes
Icy Their issues go way back. The two will attack on sight of eachother because that's how deep their hatred goes. Both wish to see the other die a horrible death.
Arrow Archer One of the people that is hunting her down. Knows he would kick her ass due to his behaviour, experience and tools.
Cassandra 'Faith' Sommervale Knows she has to do with Bishop and that is why she attacked in the first place. Ended up turning her into a vampire as well.



  • One of my earliest sonic characters.
  • Used to be a self-insert.
  • Was made a vampire because vampires were super cool and edgy at the time.
  • Started out as an Amy recolor.
  • Color scheme barely changed except for the pale yellow which used to be orange.