Full name Inari Shugo
Alias Masky, Foxy
Gender Female
Age 27
Species Kitsune, two tailed
Sub-Species -
Sexuality Asexual (Pan-romantic)
Element Shadow/light
Occupation Guardian
Status Alive


Height: Average mobian height

Build: Average

Main color: Cream

Markings: Black fingers, toes, tail tips, ear tips and black spots on her body

Skin color: White muzzle and inner ears

Eye style and color: -

Hair/Quil/Dread style: Short black hair

Other noticeable features:

  • Mask - Always is seen with that mask on, hiding her face completely. Causes it to be impossible to see her face
  • Two tails - Despite being her age, she has two tails, something that ussually is linked to age, yet she isn't even thirty

Overall clothing style:
Wears very oriental inspired clothing. Wears a sleeveless dress with frills and golden decorations, the main color is a gradient between red to black. Wears a golden colored wrap around her wais with a bow in the back. Wears white sleeves with frills, they each have a red flower painted on them, at the top has a small ribbon with bells that tend to remain silennt unless dancing. Wears kneehigh socks with ankles with bells, wears gold colored sandals. Wears a white mask with golden decorations and a red gem, never seen without this, even in sleep



  • Silence
  • Dancing
  • Being alone
  • Yearly festival


  • People trying to get close to her
  • People meddling in what they shouldn't
  • Daylight

Fav drink:


Fav food:



  • Quiet
  • Withdrawn
  • Introvert
  • Devoted
  • Focussed on her task
  • Gentle
  • Does what she has to

Abilities and SkillsEdit


  • Able to use both light and dark powers and has 0 weakness for them
  • Powerfull illussions
  • High stealth
  • Always has her gaurd up


  • Flees rather than fight
  • Lacks melee fighting skills
  • Relies heavily on her powers
  • Weak to fire and ice
  • Despite high stealth there is the occasional jingle of bells upon sudden movements, giving her position away


  • Illusion - Able to create extreemly vivid illusions due to combining both dark and light, it's neigh impossible to see through these thanks to the combined power
  • Blinding Light - A very bright light, able to blind whomever looks at it, can also be used to lit up entire areas
  • Voiding Light - The opposite of Blinding light, it is an ability that casts everything in shadows, void of light
  • Healing Rays - Able to heal wounds with her light powers
  • Darkend claws - Dark claws that raise from the shadow to be used as means of attack


  • Only child born to a bloodline of kitsunes
  • Extreemly treasured due to her parents due to them having struggled for years to finally have a child
  • Practically was forced that mask on since day 1
  • Was raised to follow in her mother's footsteps
  • Always forced to learn and study
  • Was learned ritual after ritual as well as the increase in her power use
  • Finally got told /why/  the family did what they did
  • Their bloodline being ones to gaurd a very powerfull demon that was sealed away
  • Was forced to watch her mother preform one of the bigger rituals each year
  • At the age of 15 her mother passed away at the end of the ritual, just crumbling
  • The cause of death unknown
  • Was left in the care of her father whom was overbearing that year, prepairing his daughter to preform the dancing ritual the following year
  • Took on her mother's role as dancer in the ritual once a year
  • Was kepy away from people and isolated, to make sure she wouldn't be 'tainted'
  • Father passed away at 20, leaving her alone to continue her task
  • Had to start preforming more rituals that before were of task of her father
  • Started sneaking away from her isolation from time to time, finally able to just explore from time to time
  • Getting ready for this year's festival

Character RelationshipsEdit


Name Relation Notes
??? Shugo Mother Was very close to her mother and pretty much always was within arms reach of her with the exception of the ritual day. But even then was within eyesight of her. Learned everything from her
??? Shugo Father Father was both close and seperated at the same time, suprisingly rarely got to see her father. Despite that, knew he cared deeply about her, having said he was the one that made the mask for her with all his love


Name Notes


Name Notes

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Inspired by the ritual things in Fatal Frame 4
  • The rituals are left vague and unexplained for a reason
Hatsune Miku & GUMI - The Fox's Wedding (狐の嫁入り)

Hatsune Miku & GUMI - The Fox's Wedding (狐の嫁入り)

Inari's themesong

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