Full name Jayden Din
Alias Jay
Gender Male
Age 24
Species Hybrid Cat/Spinx
Sub-Species Lesser Discordian Demon
Sexuality Sexual
Element Sound
Occupation Musician
Status Alive


Height: Average mobian height

Build: Muscular

Main color: Dark brown

Markings: White hands and feet

Skin color: White muzzle, inner ears and stomach

Eye style and color: Sharp rectangle shapes, silver eyes with slitted pupils

Hair/Quil/Dread style: Has medium length golden hair that is cut up on the sides leaivng it longer at the top, has this tied back into a ponytail

Other noticeable features:

  • Scars - Has a very clear scar underneath his eye, had this scar since he was a lil boy
  • Piercings - Has a total of 7 piercings, 1 ring in each ear, onestud in each ear, a small lip ring and 2 in his dingle dangle
  • Hybrid - Due to the fact that species wise his parents were close there is not too much to note besides the genetically bobbed tail from his mother's side and the wings from his father's side
  • Facial hair - Has grown a beard

Overall clothing style:
Wears a sleeveless shirt under a sleeveless jacket. Wears simple jeans tugged into his boots. Wears a golden bracer on each wrist. Always has his choker around his neck



  • Power
  • Money
  • Followers
  • Music


  • Not being the strongest
  • Being told what to do
  • Demons

Fav drink:


Fav food:

Pistache nuts


  • Greedy
  • Power hungry
  • Pridefull
  • Lusty
  • Vengefull
  • Aggresive
  • Needy
  • Sexual
  • Virtuoso
  • Manipulative
  • Dominant
  • Selfish
  • Lacks any kind of empathy

Abilities and SkillsEdit


  • Extreemly powerfull voice powers and can order you to do whatever
  • Will keep fighting depite being hurt
  • Regeneration


  • Holy light/magic/powers
  • Can be perswayed by material goods


  • Voice control - Has extreemly powerfull voice powers. Is able to straight up command people to do things but also is able to command things subliminal in his speech and song
  • Blood magic - Blood magic is not the strongest of the strongest but is still able to use it


  • Born our of a one night stand between Melody and Ace
  • Spend most his time with his mother, twice a month would be under Ace's care
  • Melody is capture by the cult and Jayden moves in fully with his father
  • Raised partly by Ace
  • Wibbly wobbly timey whiney as he ages a lot faster than he should
  • Picks up music rather than study
  • Using his subliminal voice powers to gain power and popularity
  • Become heavily intrested int he cult and the power of the crystals
  • Ace nearly dies around this time thanks to Toxic
  • Tries to step up and take his place as grandmaster of Death
  • Eon refuses him causing Jayden to attack and violate him sexually
  • Is tricked by Eon and quite violently done by a hellhound, loses his arm in this
  • Ace returns
  • For one reason or the other remains at the cult and meets Sade Argus and bonds with him
  • Sade teaches him bloodmagic which he uses to heal his arm
  • Come up with a plan to cut Ace's tie to his life force and lure Geof out to fight him
  • Plan goes slightly diffrent and it's Eon who dies and Ace remains alive
  • Claims the leadership position temporarily
  • Kicked back off as Ace returns with a resurected Eon
  • Lays low with his activeties regarden the cult, instead turning against his mother
  • Fighting her for her crystal, dies during this however
  • Reborn as lesser demon in discordia, slipped the fuck off and away from there
  • Doesn't go back to the cult, knowing Eon would kill him the moment he would be near
  • Remains low profile in bars and what not, stealing his stoles and the kind there
  • Becomes an underground musician but remains in contact with Sade Argus
  • Meets Horus and Sekhmet officially
  • Tells them all the nitty gritty details about who and what they are
  • Oddly amused by their reactions to it
  • Consideirng going back to the cult considering Ace and Eon are no longer in it
  • Remained doing his band things however
  • Fangs entered where he does his stuff
  • Insta suspicion of her
  • Questions her and discovers Ace is near
  • Lets her be attacked and stuff without batting an eyelash at it
  • Attacks Ace and easily overpowers him considering he realized too late what was happening
  • Continues on his normal path
  • Encounters Fangs and shit happens and he gets 'killed'
  • Meets Discordia and non to happy that he has a 'job' to do now
  • Send back to the surface where he just picked up riiiight where he left off

Character RelationshipsEdit


Name Relation Notes
Aceath 'Ace' Din Father Had an okay bond with his father, was mostly inspired to go along the path her did thanks to him. Had Ace not tainted him with greed, he would've never pulled all the shit he has
Melodia 'Mel' Puralux Mother Used to be on good ground with her for a while at least till his obsession with power officially bloomed
Aiden 'Acid' Vermonde Younger half brother Only met him a few times in his life. Finds him to be a goody two shoes and taking after Toxic painfully clearly
Horus Din Younger half brother Finds him to be a guillable simpleton, very much considering dicking around with the boy if needed. More pawns are always handy
Sehkmet Din Younger half sister In his eyes she is a spoiled little piece of shit. In his opinion definaintly taking after Eon with his stuck up persona
Zephyr Puralux Uncle Never met him


Name Notes
Sade Argus Very much his partner in crime with all the shit the two pulled. Might've done the no pants dance with him at some point in a moment of weakness
Lilian Jones One of his more.... brainwashed followers. Keeps her close just in case she is needed as pawn


Name Notes
Eon Amris Personal grudge against him for everything. Very much planning to attack him now that he no longer is a demon and posses 0 treat to him. Just out of vengence
Tootie 'Fangs' Talonrunner What a cunt, planning to take revenge on her sooner or later when he is bored enough

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Very happy he managed to slip by the eye of the demonlord of Discordia and back into freedom
  • Didn't start as a little shit, that happened after he was fully in care of Eon
  • Hates Hellhounds for obvious reasons
Temposhark - Don't Mess With Me (lyrics)

Temposhark - Don't Mess With Me (lyrics)

Demon Jayden

Jayden's demon form

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