Full name Jean-Baptiste of the house of Pisces
Alias Jean
Gender Male
Age 19
Species Echidna
Sub-Species -
Sexuality Homosexual
Element Earth
Occupation Tribe leader's son
Status Alive


Height: Head taller than the average mobian

Build: Musculair

Main color: Black

Markings: Bronze angled tips on his front dreads with a pointed ring above them. Back dreads onlt have the tips in bronze. Has circles around his eyes. Has bronze fingers and toes as well as a zigzag ring as well as a normal ring on his upper arms and thights

Skin color: Peach

Eye style and color: Oval shaped with deep purple eyes

Hair/Quil/Dread style: Two long dreads framing his face, rest of the dreads are tied back in a pony tail that reaches mid way his back

Other noticeable features:

  • Gem - Has a purple gem in his forehead that helps boost his earth powers
  • Cybernetic - Has a pair of cybernetic legs made to match his body perfectly appearance wise

Overall clothing style: Wears a sleeveless white turtle neck tucked into a black belt. Wears skinny blue jeans tucked into eleborate boots. Wears fingerless white gloves as well



  • Nature
  • Meditating
  • Singing
  • Exploring


  • His father
  • The way of the tribe
  • Getting hurt
  • All the conflict

Fav drink:


Fav food:



  • Timid
  • Insecure
  • Too scared to stand up for himself
  • Curious
  • Jittery
  • Stresses easily
  • Nervous
  • Romantic

Abilities and SkillsEdit


  • Is able to take a lot of damadge in a fight
  • Packs quite a hard punch


  • Cybernetic legs lessen his earthpowers
  • Can be intimidated out of a fight easily


  • Earth bending - Basicaly think AtLA and ALoK earth bending and you get the correct idea about what this ability is


  • First born to Phai-xi and Henk
  • Very much spoiled with love by his parents due to them having had trouble to have a child togethere
  • Grew close to Lilly-na whom was his best childhood friend and would often get into trouble with her
  • Henk not too pleased with this behavior
  • Started hitting his son under the idea that hitting him would teach him his place
  • Quite quickly learned to lay low
  • Started isolating himself out of fear of doing something wrong and getting beaten again
  • Eventually did meet Selen whom he befriended
  • Found out about the tiny fact that his parents were trying to set him up to marry Lilly-na
  • Ran the fuck away from the tribe upon learning that
  • Gets attacked by Talon and loses his legs
  • Gets safed by the legion whom gave him his cybernetic legs
  • Henk finds him and about the cybernetic and promptly attacks him
  • Only has himself saved by the fight that breaks out between his father and uncle
  • Henk dies
  • Was forbidden to resurect him
  • Couldn't deal with his mother's sadness and went against her wish to ask Delphi-ne to resurrect him which she did
  • Got new cybernetic legs on permission of Henk
  • Somewhat strained bond with him
  • Younger siblings are born
  • Confesses his homosexuality to his mother and his distress about the idea of needing to pretend he's straight
  • Promisses to try for her sake
  • Henk arranges for Artemis to be made and pracically forces them togethere
  • Currently very much in distress about needing to lie to everybody about himself
  • Distressed as well about needing to pretend he want sto do thing swith Artemis for the sake of his own life and becomming the next tribe leader

Character RelationshipsEdit


Name Relation Notes
Henk of the house of Pisces Father Used to really look up to him when he was younger. At least until the beating started, these days he just fear the man, scared he'll kill him if his father finds out about his orientation
Phai-xi of the house of Atlas Mother Tends to be the one he turns to whenever he needs to vent and wishes to speak freely. Can't understand quite how she is able to put up with his father for so long despite the soultouch
Rapheal of the house of Pisces Younger brother Hasn't bonded with them yet due to the fact that they are still babies
Min-xi of the house of Pisces Younger sister Hasn't bonded with them yet due to the fact that they are still babies
Dirk of the house of Pisces Uncle Looks up to him as well as feeling really intimidated by him. Has been slowly bonding with him, often asking about how he deals with his homosexuality considering everything
Archer of the house of Artemis Uncle-in-law Met him a few times, finds him a very kind hearted person despite every
Xeno of the house of Atlas Uncle Never met him
Palo-mei of the house of Pisces Cousin Met her a few times by now. Finds her to be a bit loopy more than anything, mostly considering how ciolent she can be
Aurore of the house of Pisces Cousin Talked to her a few times, feels oddly uncomfterable around her, perhaps due to the beating that things like this are against nature


Name Notes
Lilly-na of the house of Crimea Grew up very close with her. Considers her his best friend if any. Can get anry when she gets him in trouble and she goes of unpunished while he does gets punished
Selen Despite his father's labbeling of Selen being a monster, Jean has well found she is a huge sweetheart and relates a lot with her considering how his father treats her
Artemis Highly uncomfterable around her considering how dominant she is, combined with the idea of needing to be with her and everything
Youri of the house of Scorpio Became friends with him when he as well, was a runaway. The two do talk every now and then now. Does feel intimidated by him considering how much of a ball of anger he can be


Name Notes

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Has a very smooth singing voice
  • Scared that he will forever be unhappy
  • Named the way he is because Henk likes short strong names while Phai-xi like eleborate names and thus they find a mid way
  • That and he is named after the main character in the story Perfume
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