Full name Julius Pinstripe
Alias Jul
Gender Male
Age 22
Species Hybrid Tiger/Echidna
Sub-Species -
Sexuality Pansexual
Element -
Occupation Scientist at DEL
Status Alive


Height: Half a head taller than the averag emobian

Build: Slender

Main color: White

Markings: Red dread tips, tipys of the ears, circles around the eyes, triangle above the muzzle, fingers, toes and ring on his tail near the tip of it

Skin color: White muzzle and inner ears

Eye style and color: Sharp angled, thick edged eyes with small red irises

Hair/Quil/Dread style: Two front dreads that frame his face. Two smaller dreads with one tucked away under one of the dreads that frames his face. Dreads in the back kept short

Other noticeable features:

  • Glasses - Wears small rounded glasses with gold tinted glass, as good as blind without them
  • Hybrid - Overall appears a tad more tiger than echidna genetic wise. Hair automaticly falls into dreads like an echidna. Tail is a lot shorter than most tiger tails thanks to his echidna genetics

Overall clothing style: Wears a lightblue turtle neck with rolled up sleeves underneath a darkblue waist coat. Wears  a white belt with golden buckle. Wears lightly blue skinny jeans tucked into boots. Wears a dark blue wrist band on each arm



  • Technology
  • Tinkering
  • Science
  • Classical music
  • Attention
  • Praise


  • Zone hopping
  • Being without electricity or power
  • Only being interacted with when needed for science things

Fav drink:

Mead and honey tea

Fav food:

Honey yeast rolls


  • Prodigy
  • Quick learner
  • High intelect
  • Book smart
  • Socially awkward
  • Has a hard time understanding other people's emotions and why they show it
  • Bottles up emotions
  • Underlying temperament
  • Short fuse
  • needy
  • Envious

Abilities and SkillsEdit


  • Able to plan ahead
  • Never without gadgets or what not
  • Very quick on his feet


  • 0 Combat skills
  • Temperament can cause him issues when trying to think clear, tends to act more on instinct than actually thinking


  • Born to Darwin and Kay-ti in basically a doomed timeline
  • 7 Minutes older than his twin sister Sati
  • Wasn't very welcomed as child due to his hybrid genetics
  • Thanks to that was very distant from other people and insecure
  • Spend most of his time with his father in the workshop
  • Make his first (Very simple) Cybernetic creation at the age of 6
  • Got praised by family and friends of the family alike
  • Enjoyed this praise and picked up more on the mechanics to keep recieving praise
  • Still gets bullied a lot when he is out of the work shop, being name called and degraded
  • Falls into a deep depression thanks to it all
  • Stars focussing heavily on science besides his mechanics
  • Crumbled mentally after his mther died during a mission
  • Starts shoving away emotions, bottling them up
  • Zone starts showing signs of crumbling
  • Gets in a panic and starts planning on an escape from their zone togethere with his father and sister
  • Manages to build a device to hop zones at 19 and leaves after it's finished
  • Gets seperated from their father during their zone hoping years
  • Ended up in the current zone right at the end of the Echidna and tiger war
  • Saved Youri's ass despite knowing what he did
  • Remains in the base, settling in somewhat as he focusses on trying to contact his father
  • Their father arrives finally in the zone, completing the family once more
  • Basker and Talon rear their ugly heads
  • Very much trying to stand by Sati's side as much as he can in the whole aftermath
  • Pretty much feels like he no longer is needed as she grows closer to Basker
  • Grows very lonely despite being surrounded by people that care
  • Ends up going along with a small group on a mission to a diffrent zone, a steampunk brothel one
  • Very much considers staying there due to feeling needed there more than anything

Character RelationshipsEdit


Name Relation Notes
Kay-ti of the house of Scorpio Mother Is very fond of her no matter which zone version he is near. Knowing that at the core she is the same person. Does clash from time to time with her due to their tempers
Darwin Pinstripe Father Greatly looks up to him and owes most of his knowledge from him. Sees him almost more as a mother than a father. In contracts to Kay whom he sees more as a father than a mother.
Youri of the house of Scorpio Half-brother Technically half brother due to zone shenanigans. Clashes with him a lot due to knowing Youri pretty much killing Julius' zone counterpart. That combined with Youri's few on hybrids causes the two to have a terrible bond
Que-ti of the house of Scorpio Half-sister Technically half sister thanks to zone shenanigans. Never really interacted all that much with her and thanks to that, worries a lot about how much she could be like Youri
Sati Pinstripe Twin sister Has a typical sibling bond with her. Has days where he just wants to rip her apart but other days just wants to help and comfort her. Despite this, does has a kind of envy towards her
Vanity of the house of Libra Aunt Never really met her
Sore of the house of Scorpio Uncle Never met him but heard tales about him
Lilith Pinstripe Aunt Never met her
Charon of the house of Vexion Cousin Odd zone shenanigans kind of related. Doesn't know of this fact though and most likely never will
Oberon of the house of Vexion Godfather Very fond of him due to him being a mechanic as well. Thus often saw him work togethere with his father. Sees him like an uncle despite very technically, not being one
Eliot Pinstripe Nephew Was there when he was born. Felt hurt more than anything seeing him. Is just happy that Sati cares about him as much as she does


Name Notes
Isaac of the house of Absalom One of the first he met in this zone. Was rather suprised by how friendly he was and thanks to that did grow a fondness towards him. Most likely due to not knowing how it is to be given that much kindness
Fia Blackstripe Finds her really friendly and feels terrible about her current predicement. Wishes he could help out better but know it's mostly up to her rather than anybody else
Taryn Blackstripe Knows he is still maturing slowly but surely. But haven become a father certainly seemed to help with that. Knows he'll grow up into a fine young man
Zac Vladimir Jr. 'Junior' Can frind him rather whiny but still considers him a friend all the same


Name Notes
Baskerville 'Basker' ??? Very much sees red whenever he is near thanks to all that he did to his sister. While she might have forgiven him, Julius has not. And still very much plans to splatter his head apart someday
Palo-mei of the house of Pisces Mostly hates her due to her history with Youri where they killed a bunch of people. Can't get himself to accept that she has been changing for the better in some departments
Talon Jokull Very happy that he is dead for all that he did. Veyr much thinks he deserves it

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Scared of getting cybernetics
  • Feels like he is the only one of their generation that is going to die alone, mostly now as more and more are pairing up and even having childeren
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