Full name Malin Zimmer
Alias Mal
Gender Female
Age 24
Species Mouse
Sub-Species -
Sexuality Bi-sexual
Element Earth
Occupation Dealer/Student
Status Alive


Height: Average mobian size

Build: Slender

Main color: Grey

Markings: White muzzle, face mark and left foot. Black eye lids

Skin color: Pale arms, inner ears and tail

Eye style and color: Half lidden oval shaped green eyes

Hair/Quil/Dread style: Has two bangs framing her face with the bang in the middle being a straight line acros. Hair in the back kept medium lenght with a soft wave to it. All black in color

Other noticeable features:

  • Teeth - Front two teeth are slightly to big to fit in when she closes her moth causing a clear buck tooth
  • Piercings - Has a single piercing in her ear

Overall clothing style:
Wears a black sleeveless body suit with rolled up pant legs. Wears a shirt with long sleeves over it white and green in color. Wears green boots underneath it



  • Drugs
  • Relaxing
  • Sticking it to 'the man'
  • Hoarding
  • Research


  • Fire
  • Being without wi-fi connection
  • 'Heroes' and 'villans' fighting

Fav drink:


Fav food:



  • Overthinker
  • Caring
  • Paranoid
  • Conspiricy theorist
  • Doomsday prepper
  • Manipulative
  • Headstrong
  • Determinded
  • Selfcenterd
  • Believes she's the best in the world

Abilities and SkillsEdit


  • A lot more clever than she lets on
  • Very agile and black belt mastery


  • Tires easily with fighting
  • Relies too much on trying to trick the other rather than actual fighting. Automatically assuming they are quite stupid


  • Born in a medium wealth family with an older sister
  • Had a rather uneventful childhood that passed on slowly and steadily
  • Nothing big really happened till high school
  • Made the wrong friends and started doing drugs at 15
  • Turns out those friends were huge conspiracy theorists and got her involved in it as well
  • Views very much became twisted thanks to it
  • Starts making money for herself by dealing drugs
  • Parents found out at 18 and told her to either go to rehab and try to fight her addiction or to get out of the house
  • She chose to leave and got her own little appartment
  • Meets a lost and wounded Mirage, gives her shelter in her appartment
  • The two become permanant housemates as they enroll into uni
  • Meets Axel and has a short lifed but intense releationship with him, though it was very much her manipulating the fuck out of him
  • Baffled he broke up with her in the end but accepted it with a hint of anger
  • Starts to doomsday prep, ranting about it to Mirage
  • Claiming the world will end with all this drama and all that fighting between the good and the bad
  • Hanging out a lot with the other college kids
  • Learns that Red's mother has been killed, tries to help her out
  • Gets pushed away by Red, hella worried about this behaviour

Character RelationshipsEdit


Name Relation Notes
??? Zimmer Mother Very often was near her and helping her with cooking back when she lifed back at home. Despite being told to leave the house still in contact alot and comes over during holidays
??? Zimmer Father Knew he heavily disapproved of her decisions and knows he'd pay for everything if she had just picked to try and get over her addiction.
??? Zimmer Older sister Had a typical sibling bond with her. Often was filled with great affection towards eachother and other moments they could rip eachother apart. Only speaks with her during the holidays due to her haivng moved cross country for work


Name Notes
Mira 'Mirage' Royce Housemate that she met injured and hurt. Never got told what actually happened but just accepts that everybody just had those certain things they will never tell. Knows she dissapproves of drugs in the house and out of friendly respect, keeps them out
Axel Terash Ex-boyfriend. Had a good bond with him for as long as it lasted, knew there was stuff on his mind that he never told her. No matter how much she pried at it. Hasn't really been in contact with him since their break up
Rachel 'Red' Bullet One of the people she dicks around with a lot in uni. Loves just aggrivating her and pushing the girl's buttons. Red knowing it is all a game and thus just plays along. Though has been genuinly worried about her and her state of mind after losing her mother
Aiden 'Acid' Vermonde Knows he is a little screwed up in the head but accepts it. Enjoys hanging around him while studying as he is just able to focus and keep focussed
Zephyr Puralux Find him a bit... odd. Oftne curious about the research he does into his artifacts. Hopes one day one will surface that can just take away all good and evil


Name Notes

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Originally adopted from Jared and really heavily modified
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