Full name Melodia Puralux
Alias Melody, Mel
Gender Male
Age 36 (Body stuck at 30-ish)
Species Japanese Bob-tailed Cat
Sub-Species -
Sexuality Pansexual
Element Light/Time
Occupation Works at a tattoo parlor
Status Alive


Height: Average mobian height

Build: Slender

Main color: Grey with a blue undertone

Markings: Has white hands and feet

Skin color: White muzzle, inner ears and stomach

Eye style and color: Rectangulair shaped eyes, light grey eyes with a small pupil

Hair/Quil/Dread style: Black 'emo' bang over the right eye, hair in the back ends just at the neck and flicks upwards

Other noticeable features:

  • Tail - Born with a bobbed tail, pretty much has nothing there but a very small bump
  • Eye - Right eye is sewn shut
  • Piercings - Has a total of 6 piercings. Two earings, eyebrow, 2 nipple and one in the dongle

Overall clothing style:

Tends to be seen wearing black, grey and white clothes. Often very casual with no real specities. Is most oftne seen wearing a grey shirt with white trims, black jeans and white shoes.



  • Music
  • Relaxing
  • Body mods
  • NOT being poor
  • His family


  • The struggling with his gender identity
  • The Cult
  • Show offs
  • Temporal
  • Rain

Fav drink:


Fav food:

Any healthy meal will do


  • Bitter
  • Snarky
  • Straight to the point
  • Takes a while to warm up to people
  • Speaks before thinking
  • Street smart
  • Motherly
  • Understanding

Abilities and SkillsEdit


  • Very agile
  • Quick on her feet
  • Able to use the light powers without downside
  • Ridiculous quick healing
  • All powers are passive


  • Has to use hand to hand combat since all powers are passive
  • The time powers drain his stamina ridiculously quick
  • Couldn't heal if say; you cut an arm off


  • Heaven's Light - An attack made our of the holy light from the heaven's. Able to destroy even the most unatural of darkness' and will burn beings of demonic nature, no matter how strong
  • Healing Rays - Hands willl illuminate as will cast rays to heal people he wishes to heal. With basic wounds it has no draw back, but healing lethal wounds can drain a lot of stamina
  • Livid Screen - Creates a shield of pure light, only attacks that would be able to pass through it would be other light attacks. Attacks of demonic nature get bounced back right at the caster/attacker
  • Time Break - Stops, slow downs or speeds up time. Mel is the only one uneffected by it and is able to make more people uneffected by it by touching them. It's the only power that can be usefull in battle
  • Window of Time - Is still learning to master this ability but it allows quick glimpses into the future
  • Life Drain - Learned this skill while Geof was helping to prevent Temporal to take over, didn't unlearn this skill but never really uses it anymore


  • First born to Tune and Marverick in a line of pureblood paladins and part of the Puralux clan
  • Showed signs of power at the early age of 3 with her hands lighting up
  • Started her schooling and training into following in her father's foot steps at 5
  • Mother disapeared at the age of 7
  • Marverick grew restless and heavily focussed on finding his wife back
  • He didn't find her back and in a bad night aimed all frustration at Mel who practically exploded at him
  • The two had an intense battle where she took his arm and her took her eye
  • Ran the fuck away from home and the paladins
  • Ran into Toxic on the streets, saw he was in a terrible state as well
  • Stuck with him and grew up with him on the streets, having a rather hard life
  • Started dating all the wrong people in her mid teens
  • After a particulair bad break up ended up having confort sex with Toxic
  • Acid was born at age 18
  • Choose to put him up for adoption, being incapable of caring for him togethere with Toxic due to their ages and lifestyle
  • Gets jobs every now and then but never long enough to have a stable income and life
  • Runs into Ace and gets tricked by his charms into a one night thing
  • Ends up having Jayden who she attempts to raise in her shitty apartment
  • Got captured togethere with Toxic by The Cult and was part in a failed spell meant to turn her into a crystal spirit. But because it failed only half of her soul got turned
  • As time passed the 'taint' of what she came to call 'Temporal' started to take over her soul
  • Pleads to Geof for help to supress the take over and losing of her life force
  • Geof teaches her to steal life force to an extend, enough to keep take over on bay
  • Completely breaks down as she knows she is dying and there is no way from stopping it
  • Broke even more upon Toxic's death and swore revenge for him
  • Yay Toxic gets resurected with a lot of issues by Klepturo
  • Mel gets Toxic to confess feelings he was holding in for years, hooks up with him
  • Turns out he had found Acid back and was takig care of him!
  • Yay happy family!
  • Or maybe not, gets attack by Jayden and 'dies'
  • Gets resurrected but Temporal is in full control
  • Temporal splits off Mel as a male to spite HIM and let him suffer a bit longer
  • Struggles with his gender identity
  • Flips out when Acid and Rogue are assualted by pedophiles
  • Ridiculously worried about him
  • Yay gets a job at a tattoo palor
  • Tries to be a good 'mother' and is just trying to enjoy a calm life for once togethere with Toxic and Acid
  • Acid is kidnapped and attacked by a mirror Toxic
  • Runs along with Toxic to save her baby
  • Sees Toxic and Mirror fuse but has to run due to the rising radiation levels
  • Save by Pestilence
  • Marverick passes away that same day and honestly is kind of angry at him for just shoving those responcibilities on him
  • Worried about Acid a lot with his new role
  • Sees Toxic be bothered and tries to help him out
  • Honestly feeling kind of lost and down

Character RelationshipsEdit


Name Relation Notes
Marverick Puralux Father Hates, hates, HATES his guts for turning from a caring father to such a monster. Does know, thanks to Toxic, that he does the nasty with Toxic's dad. Kind of glad he has since passed away
Tune Puralux Mother Only remembers a few small things about her but was close to her for as long as Mel can remember
Zephyr Puralux Younger Half-brother Finds him odd to put it kindly. Only being paladin and watching of their clan's item till he graduates and is worked into it all.
Aiden 'Acid' Puralux Son Deeply cares about him, it's his first baby, one he was forced to give up only to get back later in life. Hella worried about his behaviour as if late though, has growning suspicions he is doing things he shouldn't
Jayden Din Son Absolutely HATES him. He started off as such a  sweet kid, only to get corrupted by Ace. Despite him being his own child, she doesn't wants anything to do with him after he killed him


Name Notes
Toxic Vermonde His significant other, met him as child and grew up with him, for the longest time saw him more as a brother than anything else. Been through highs and lows with him and by now, can't imagine life without him at his side
Nathan 'Darkness' Archimedes Almost safe to say his fellow emo sulker back in the day. Used to ahve a huge crush on him and confessed, got told that if he ever broke up with his girlfriend that maybe they might hook up. That enver happened but he is still one of his best friends in the whole world despite not having heard from him in ages
Lady One of the few people he was able to talk to when his world was crumbling. The one female friend he has and finds her to be a very intresting person to talk to, rather worried about her since the last time they met
Geof Striker With his help he had managed to stall death away from the door step for a while. Really thankfull for everything and considers him a great friend


Name Notes
Ace Din He did kinda screw her over (Litterally) with Jayden and then getting him and Toxic kidnapped and nearly turned into crystal spirits and then actively being the caus eof Toxic's death. More than enough reason to hate him
Eon Amris Came attached to Ace, was the one who did the spell and got does Mel hate his guts for it, wants to someday take revenge, somehow

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Original design was heavily based on Lisbeth Salander from The girl with the dragon tattoo
  • Always was very androgous in appearance even before being male
  • Has a set of armor that is red with gold and golden details, it's his paladin armor
  • Has quite a nack for hacking
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