Full name Penelope Desire
Alias Penny, Pandora's Angel
Gender Female
Age 21
Species Manticore
Sub-Species -
Sexuality Bi-sexual
Element Nercomancy
Occupation Part of Pandora's Church
Status Alive


Height: Half a head smaller than the average mobian

Build: Average

Main color: Dull pruple

Markings: Darker purple ear edge, tail and wings

Skin color: Dark purple muzzle, inner ears and heartshaped chest

Eye style and color: Sharp shaped oval, golden eyes with slit pupils

Hair/Quil/Dread style: Has white hair that is tied in a small pony tail in the back, in the front has two bangs and a swirl of hair

Other noticeable features:

  • Scars - Has a few small scars on her back near the base of her wings and near the base of her tail

Overall clothing style:
Wears a yellow jumper that is zipped open with short sleeves and rolled up pantlegs. Wears a pale yellow tubetop underneath it. Wears white gloves with yellow stripes. Wears thight high white boots. Wears a pale yellow choker as well



  • Bringing people back to life
  • Power
  • Being seen as somebody important


  • Being hunted due to her species
  • Meat
  • Nights
  • Thunderstorms

Fav drink:

Hot Coco

Fav food:



  • Slight hero complex
  • Gets a kick out of being worshipped
  • Curious
  • Helpfull
  • Caring
  • Loyal
  • Slight selfish streak
  • Passionate
  • Powerhungry

Abilities and SkillsEdit


  • Can raise the dead and control them
  • High speed and agility great at dodging thanks to it


  • Can't throw a punch to save her life
  • Relies too heavily on her powers


  • Necromancy - Able to summon the dead and make them do her bidding. They do have some will power but more often than not, not enough to turn against her


  • Only born to her parents who were on the run at the time of her birth
  • Was raised on the road, always traveling
  • Couldn't stomach meat and thus was kept to vegetables and fruit which did make her weaker than most manticores
  • Powers started to surface at 6 when she found a dead bird that she brought back to life
  • Kindly freaked her parents out with that as she lost focus and it died again
  • Parents decide to carefully try and train her to control the powers and not accidently do stupid things with it
  • Remains on the run for the rest of her youth as well as training
  • Family is cornered by a bunch of hunters
  • They end up killing her parents infront of her and take her away to be put in slavery
  • Is hurt quite badly by them as they attempt to break her will
  • They start chopping at her wings and tails
  • Is saved by Adamas, Hero and Ducil
  • Is brought to their church and told it was fate that made for her rescue
  • Extreemly thankful for their saving
  • Takes a while to recover but joins them
  • Is appointed to the one to help others out of alike situations she was in
  • A wild MAIA appears
  • Meets Raziel who freaks her the fuck out
  • Helps with evacuating the church as it's attached by Faith and Dave
  • Keeps a low profile and takes care of those hurt
  • Starts noticing Hero declining mentally
  • Is send on a mission to save a fellow manticore
  • Does so with her necromancy powers and takes the biting child back with her to the camp to help him out
  • Worried as hell as Hero leaves the camp and leaves them all
  • Wants to help Snowflake out and learns about old victims of Darian, helps resurect a fellow nercomancer
  • Learns of Adamas' plans and darker intends. Actively tells him she wants no part in it
  • Is left kind of on her own, just helpin out the followers where she can
  • Is told by Adamas that there will be two childeren she needs to save from the forest and sets off and does so
  • Brings both in with one deadly injuried
  • He is taken to the medical ward while the other is put under watch of others

Character RelationshipsEdit


Name Relation Notes
??? Desire Mother Had a wobbley bond with her. Knows she cared and Penny cared back but due to clashing personalities they didn't get along too well
??? Desire Father Was the one who mostly assisted in her training due to his family side being where she got her powers from


Name Notes
Adamas Kamillik Might have had a crush on him after he helped save her. Crush well passing as he turned his full focus on the church and his own plots and plans. Still sees him as a friend and owes her life to him
Herodus 'Hero' Mero Sad to have seen him leave but knows she couldn't do anything about it as he is his own free person. Just hopes he is doing okay and is out of harm
Ducil Hospes Very well aware of the demongirl's feelings though does not return out. Both because she just doesn't and because she well... looks like a small child. That would have all kinds of wrong implications


Name Notes

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Was meant as an NPC but liked her design too much, oopse
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