Full name Pravus Lues
Alias Prav
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Species Hedgehog
Sub-Species Demon(lord)
Sexuality Sexual
Element Darkness/Electricity
Occupation Demonlord of the Styx
Status Alive


Height: Head and half taller than the average mobian

Build: Muscular

Main color: Brown

Markings: -

Skin color: Tan muzzle, inner ears, arms and chest

Eye style and color: Sharp shaped, black eye whites and green eyes with white slitted pupils

Hair/Quil/Dread style: Brown spines that floof in the back, has two bangs in the front

Other noticeable features:

  • Gem - Has a green gem on his forehead
  • Demon form - Demon form is a big 4 armed fluff ball with 5 eyes. Stands tall as a flat on two legs

Overall clothing style:
Wears a green long coat with a simple shirt under it. Wears skinny black jeans tucked away into green boots



  • His twins
  • Being in control
  • Nature
  • Seeing people fight


  • Being serious
  • Bafalaut trying to slam dunk the twins
  • Mortals

Fav drink:

Fine red wine

Fav food:



  • Aggresive
  • Protective
  • Sadist
  • Loyal
  • Suprisingly family oriented
  • Tries to live life to it's fullest
  • Curious
  • Open to new things
  • 'I don't care' Attitude towards most things
  • Manipulative
  • Overprotective
  • Great control over his temper

Abilities and SkillsEdit


  • Pretty much can disable anything mechanical
  • Stronger than your average demons
  • Demon form's big size


  • Seals and devil traps
  • Sage wood
  • Quite slow movement speed


  • Shockwave - Able to create a huge electric shock wave that can function either as a way to shock everybody within range of it or to short circuit electronics. Range is roughly 20 meters
  • Thunderbolt -  Creates a ball of electricty to send at his targets to shock them


  • Born to the demon lord at the same
  • Was the only child and was raised on the typical demon views of 'eat and kill mortals'
  • Was pretty drilled into his future role
  • Parents firmly kept him away from the Upper to prevent tainting of him
  • Over the MANY years grows and matures
  • Parents pass away and he gets the demonlord role
  • Very much struggles at the start at all these new responcibilities
  • Adjusts over the course of years
  • Gets into a big fight with another demonlord
  • This fight ending with them cursing eachother
  • Pravus cursing the demonlord to be sealed away till the end of time and watched by mortals
  • The demonlord cursing Pravus to life live as a mortal and die as that
  • Pravus' curse being stronger at the core and taking effect right away while the other's curse didn't take effect
  • Years upon years pass
  • Zala becomes his main arch demon and gaurdian of the Styx when he is bussy and preoccupied
  • Pretty much wakes up one day stuck in a mortal body and unable to escape
  • Oopse curse finally got into effect
  • Isn't able to take control till Malus being 7 years of age
  • Enjoys the control and power he has
  • Starts doing research into ways to break the curse
  • Pretty much learning that he will DIE in this body unless he can break it
  • Decides to make back up plans in the form of raping two of the stronger women at the DEL base and impregnating at least 1
  • Manages to manipulate Cali to take them to the city
  • Wanders off and meets Bafalaut
  • Gets into an odd bond with him
  • Bafalaut helps and provides support as Pravus tries to find a way to break the curse
  • Ends up finding a way and thus finally is freed from Malus, throws a nice 'gift' at him in return for hosting him so long
  • Makes a joke at Bafalaut and ends up with needing to take care of a pregnant Bafalaut, oopse?
  • Very often anoyyed at the behaviour and dicking around yet puts up with it
  • Twins are born, oddly overbearing over them
  • Has multiple times where he got pissed at Bafalaut for say, shaking the babies, trying to slam dunk them through a hoop, throwing them at him just after being born.
  • People apparantly searching for Malus, decides to dick with them in trade for souls
  • Drama with the echidna happens, manages to sore all their souls for the Styx in the future
  • Returns home to spoil his kids like crazy
  • Playing to teach them to be just as ruthless as him
  • Trying his best to be a good father for his kids, teaching them what he can
  • Anoying speck yells at him
  • Trades speck of to Baffalaut to get him to stop hogging the blankets
  • He still hogged the blankets

Character RelationshipsEdit


Name Relation Notes
Dicio Lues Father Doesn't really take after his father that much besides colorations. Always had been baffled how a con man basically got togethere with a demonlord
Irea Lues Mother His born and bred demonlord mother. Often would tag along with her on her shoulders when she would scour the waters. Takes a lot after her personality wise
Ethan of the house of Scorpio 'Son' The child he concived with Kay-ti while possesing Malus' body. Never spoke to it or acknowledged it after being freed from Malus' body
Yu-mei of the house of Gemini 'Daughter' Child that happened between Malus and Sel-mei while he still possed Malus. Doesn't know she is even alive or related to him
Helter Lues Daughter One of the twins he had with Bafalaut. Absolutely adores her and spoils her like mad. Declares her to be his little princess that will take over and make all the mortals bow and quiver in fear
Skelter Lues Son The other twin he had with Bafalaut. Is just that tad more serious with him rather than just spoiling him silly. Still does it to an extend and very much promotes his evil behaviour


Name Notes
Bafalaut Versil Has a rather complicated bond with him. Like they life togethere in the same household, had kids togethere and still sleep with eachother. Yet calling them a couple would not be correct, oddly close friends would be a better way to explain what they have
Zala Baggio His right hand woman and the arch demon in charge of watching his domain as he dicks around. Very happy with her service and ability to intimidate despite being her size. Knows her dead is approaching but doesn't bring it up, instead letting her figure it all out herself


Name Notes
Seraphim ??? The demonlord that had cursed him. Honeslty is very happy the fucker is still locked away and wont see the light of day any time soon
Malus of the house of Gemini Not quite enemy, more disliked. Has a soul bond with him thanks to the curse and preffers to just ignore his excistance now that he has his own freedom

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Demon form was based on Malus and Mobian form based on the demon form and thus leaving Pravus to have lose resemblance to Malus
  • Demon Pravus

    Pravus' demon form