Full name Raven Torone
Alias Raven, Kid
Gender Male
Age Appears as 7, technically 0
Species Feline
Sub-Species -
Sexuality It's a child
Element Runes/???
Occupation -
Status Alive


Height: Slightly taller than a kid his 'age' should be

Build: Average

Main color: Black

Markings: -

Skin color:  Blck muzzle, inner ears and chest

Eye style and color: Diamond shaped black eyes with slitted pupils

Hair/Quil/Dread style: Medium lenght black hair that kinda does whatever it feels like

Other noticeable features:

  • Wings - Wings come due to his hybrid nature of multiple species
  • Hybrid - Is a mix breed of a few species but is closed geneticly to a feline
  • Melanism - Has the opposite of albinoism and thus instead of having no pigment, he has too much, making him black in all his colorations

Overall clothing style: Wears a blue poncho over a white t-shirt. Wears simple dark blue jeans tugged into boots



  • Chaos
  • Power
  • Being strong
  • Freedom


  • Being tied down
  • Being controled
  • Others being the boss over him

Fav drink:

Vanilla milkshakes

Fav food:



  • Snarky
  • Aggresive
  • Short fuse
  • Acts before thinking
  • Possible sadistic streak
  • Loyal and friendly to those he warms up to
  • Traces of a killer instinct
  • Swears like a saloir
  • Curious
  • Quick learner

Abilities and SkillsEdit


  • Even at his age he is suprisingly strong
  • Uses his size and appearance to advantage since not many adults would harm a child


  • Has yet to develope his powers fully
  • The healing he does can mend broken bones BUT dcan't heal them 100%, isntead helas them 80-ish %
  • Goes full on berserker mode when fighting
  • Weak to anything that can harm a demon due to trace genetics


  • Runic healing - Creates a circle of runes that when used by him, heal up whomever he uses it on


  • Created as a clone in a batch of them by Hector
  • Got dumped with the other 3 in the forest and was the first one to get lose
  • Gave them no second though and left them, but not before being a jerk to them
  • Darts off to freedom and comes across Fangs whom he pesters like hella
  • Princess joins them and Raven directly is a dick to her
  • Is told by Fangs that she'll take them to an orphange in the morning
  • Does agree to spend the night along out of that tiiiiiiny bit of fear of what the night might bring, having bad feelings about it
  • Flees like hell in the morning because fuck dat shit yo
  • Is attacked in the air by a winged man
  • Crashes down and breaks his wings and leg
  • Is found by Fangs and Princess
  • Taken to the hospital where he is helped of his injuries
  • Is taken along to the orphange where he proptly is being a lil shit
  • Gets so out of hand that they isolate him
  • Nearly kills one of the staff and is relocated to a special facility in Scelus that specializes in porblematic boys
  • Is put on medication there and kept under tight watch
  • Just, uses his runes one night and heals himself up, amazed at those skills and that he even has those
  • Skiye comes in there and wants a kid
  • Clicks well with him and ends up getting adopted by him
  • Trying to settle in the appartment
  • Sees how bad they are being and is a huge dick to Princess, again
  • Is told to warn the hunters and shoots off and warns them
  • Returns to heal Skiye
  • They can the rewards for doing what they did and thus, new clothes, awwww yes

Character RelationshipsEdit


Name Relation Notes
Skiye Torone Adoptive Father Gets along well with him due to alike personalities. Has a mutual respect with him and knows better than to get sappy and call him 'dad'
Maxie Torone Adoptive Uncle Hasn't met them yet
Solaris ??? 'Genetic Father' Genetically, Solaris is his father. Does not know him
Tootie 'Fangs' Talonrunner 'Genetic Mother' Genetically is her son. But hates her guts and just wants her to be gone and away. Does not know that tehcnically she is his genetic mother
'Princess' Talonrunner Fellow Clone/ 'Genetic Half-sister' Hates her guts as well. Dispices how clingy she is to him. Calling all her excuses bullshit and lies


Name Notes


Name Notes

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Has a very colorfull vocabulary for his 'age'
  • Ages faster than your normal kids
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