Full name Samuel Nigthshade
Alias Sam
Gender Male
Age 700-ish
Species Kirin
Sub-Species Demon
Sexuality Asexual (Demiromantic)
Element Soul
Occupation Shopkeeper
Status Alive


Height: Roughly a head shorter than the average mobian

Build: Slender

Main color: Teal green

Markings: White fingers and toes

Skin color: White muzzle, inner ears and stomach

Eye style and color: Sharp shaped eyes. Iris is a pastel yellow and has a pair of red pupils

Hair/Quil/Dread style: Simple styled pastel yellow hair reaches till his neck, has tuffs of fur on his wrists and ankles and at the end of his tail

Other noticeable features:

  • Horn - Has a slightly curved horn set on his forehead
  • Seals - Has multiple seals on his body that he used for magic and abilities he did not posses naturally
  • Demon form - Demon form is suprisingly small compared to most demons. Looks like a horse with it's front legs broken and bounder to it's body. Has a horn piercing straight through his entire head. Multiple rings are embedded in his skin and attached to other vital points, setting him stuck in a bowing position with his head raised

Overall clothing style:

Wears a purple like shirt with golden decorations at the edges as well as a matching pair of pants. Over that wears red drapes with golden decorations as well. Has a choker made out of gold around his neck.



  • Silence
  • Reading
  • Being in company of others
  • Magic


  • Responcibilities
  • Feeling emotions
  • Emotional pain

Fav drink:

Doesn't need to drink and thus doesn't

Fav food:

Doesn't need to eat and thus doesn't


  • Quiet
  • Withdrawn
  • Lacks understanding of basic emotions
  • Complete lack of empathy (Thanks to magics)
  • Hard to befriend
  • Says it how it is, unaware how much it can hurt other people
  • Odd sense of morality
  • Socially awkward

Abilities and SkillsEdit


  • Is able to use magic on the same skill level as arch demons


  • Hard time estimating what the opponent will do
  • Relies way too heavily on magic rather than his own natural abilities


  • Soul touch - Is able to connect people by soul to eachother (Kinda similiar to soultouch  for Echidna's naturally)
  • Wound transfer - Creates a soul bond with another person. Causing all damadge that Sam takes to be transferred to the person he made that bond with
  • Life steal - Never used this ability but is able to steal lifeforce from other beings to add to his own strenght


  • Magic Missle - Creates a bungh of arcana bolts that he is able to fire at his enemies
  • Summon circle - Magically creates a circle to sumon Arcane beasties to fight for him, about 20% chance they can turn against him though
  • Despair pit - A magicspell he most uses when in a desperate position. Always hits it's target and sends them into a magical pocket dimension where whatever they fear is thrown at them. Is able to get broken if the person inside overwins these fears


  • Born to a poor family in a secluded tribe
  • Was raised under the tribes traditions
  • The tradition being that Magic was completely outlawed as were powers and those that displayed powers were to be punished
  • Started to develope an intrest in these things though despite everything
  • Often snuck off with a few of his fellow peers to a nearby city to read up on magic
  • Started developing his own natural abilities after unlocking them by magic
  • Kept this a secret completely in silence
  • Started sneaking around the tribehead's house to nack some of his books on forbidden magic
  • Managed to pull it off, read them and get them back in place without being noticed
  • Overjoyed with all the new things he had learned
  • Considering to leave the tribe to explore magic and all
  • Is caught in the night as he tries to sneak off and brought before the tribe's head
  • Turns out the tribehead damm well knew he had taken his books
  • Tries to plead that magic is a good thing and not something bad at all
  • Tribe's head reluctantly sets him up to proof it by casting a spell the tribe head tells him to or else he was to be killed
  • Samuel agrees instantly and is told what spell to cast, just the name and how, not what it actually does
  • Turns out the tribe head is a dick and litterally made Samuel curse himself in multiple ways
  • Uses it as a clear example as to why magic is bad and they outlawed it
  • Gets banished from the tribe as the curse spreads through him, pretty much killing him from the inside out, leaving him as a demon
  • Secondairy curse doesn't rear it's head at all yet
  • Tries to adept to this new life as the years pass by
  • In a sense losing his sanity as he sees the years pass by, any friend that he made passing on before him
  • Ends up casting a spell on himself to block his emotions and empathy to never feel as hurt again
  • Secondairy effect rears it's head as Samuel becomes more and more distant from people and mortals
  • Starts fading out of excistance slowly but surely
  • Doesn't notice till quite late on, inviseable and but a breeze for many people
  • Has an underlying panic build inside himself as he wanders and runs in the hopes to turn it around
  • Comes across a young child who still can see him
  • TRIES to help the child and this proofing he totes can become close to mortals again
  • Kinda fucks up a few times trying to help Horus due to his lost knowledge on how to people
  • After that does help him better as he sort of connects to him
  • Sees how he is handled by his family and after Sehkmet runs off, overs him a pact
  • A deep bond for Sam to show he still is capable of understanding mortals and connecting with them and for Horus to gain knowledge and power
  • Pact is made and often sets off with Horus
  • Notices Horus slowly slipping and doing stupider and stupider things
  • This including the way he handles feral demons after Discordia is summoned
  • Has a big fight with him, telling that he is going to kill himself with all the risks he takes and his overall behaviour
  • Horus in a fit of anger breaks their pact and is treatent that if he dares to rear his head near them, Horus will kill him
  • Is sad but accepts, knowing he can't do anything about it at all and sets off to wander, knowing that he'll end up fading again and this time for good
  • Been wandering the lands on his own in silence
  • Ends up settling in Scelus with setting up a small shop around ancient scrolls and spells

Character RelationshipsEdit


Name Relation Notes


Name Notes
Horus Din Suprisingly cares alot about the young man. Wishes he could help him more but lacks the understanding to figure out what exactly is wrong. Instead bows his head to accept that Horus went his own way and left him to basically die


Name Notes

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Went from 'imaginary friend' to oopse real person
  • Demon Samuel

    Samuel's demon form