Full name Saphira Gemspark/Royce
Alias Saph
Gender Female
Age 21
Species Western Dragon
Sub-Species -
Sexuality Straight
Element Fire
Occupation Waitress
Status Alive


Height: Head taller than the average mobian

Build: Hourglass

Main color: Red

Markings: -

Skin color:  Pink muzzle, ear fins, inside of wings, bottom of feet and stomach

Eye style and color: Oval shapes. blue eyes with slit pupils

Hair/Quil/Dread style: 'Hair' is made up out of spines that she styled to one side of her face, has two spines framing her face

Other noticeable features:

Overall clothing style:

Wears a summer styled dress underneath a purple and blue hoodie. Wears boots that seem like a balance between gladiator sandals and combat boots



  • Gems
  • Being the best spy
  • Being undercover
  • Affection
  • Writing


  • Cold weather
  • Ice and snow
  • Water

Fav drink:

Tomato juice

Fav food:

Rock candy


  • Ditzy
  • Clueless
  • Headstrong
  • Not the brightest spark
  • Curious
  • Lives too much in her own fantasy world
  • Hoarding obsession
  • 0 social skills
  • Self centered

Abilities and SkillsEdit


  • Doesn't give up


  • Can't control her fire breathing
  • A lot weaker than she thinks she is
  • Damsel in distress syndrom


  • Born to two western dragons whom kept her close
  • Parents were overprotective and shielded her a lot from the outside
  • Setting her up to believe whatever she wished and that it all was true
  • Never went to school, never interacted with friends, lived in her own delusion
  • House got broken in in the middle of the night
  • Her mother told her to hide in underneath the floorboards till everything was silent
  • She did and saw between the gaps how her parents were well overpowered and taken down
  • Taken by the man in the night
  • Too scared to come out and remains in place for the rest of the night till dawn
  • Crawled out to be all alone, panics and breaks down crying despite being 14 at the time
  • Takes a while to calm down but swears to track them down and safe them
  • Start of her own super spy delusion right there
  • Begins her journey in search of them, unable to deal with other people due to het lack of social skills
  • Is found by the counsil, gets set up in an arranged marriage thing with Oblivion
  • Currently just trying to track down her parents being the super spy that she is
  • Gives up on that after a while and gets a hob as a waitress at a small diner

Character RelationshipsEdit


Name Relation Notes
Amber Gemspark Mother Was close to her and learned how to cook and clean from her as well as draw and write. Misses her most out of her parents because she was always there to listen to her rants
Beryl Gemspark Father Misses him as well, even if less. He was always trying to teach her how to hunt and hoard which weren't really her intrests


Name Notes
??? 'Oblivion' Royce Husband in a sense due to the arranged marriage. Likes him quite a bit, but if it's love and companionship is an entirely diffrent question though


Name Notes
Nelson 'Grim' Royce Brother to Oblivion, doesn't like him at all. Finds him a gross excuse for a mobian and avoids him like the plague

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

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