Full name Skelter Lues
Alias Bafus/Pravalaut, Royal Pain
Gender Male
Age 7(ish)
Species Hybrid Goat/Hedgehog
Sub-Species Demon
Sexuality IT'S A CHILD
Element Shadow/Electricity
Occupation Being a spoiled brat
Status Alive


Height: Little smaller than he should be at his age

Build: Slight chub

Main color: Brown

Markings: Slighter brown lower arm fluff and leg fluff

Skin color: Light brown muzzle, inner ears and stomach

Eye style and color: Round shapes, black eye whites with red eyes and white pupils

Hair/Quil/Dread style: Light brown hair that is brushed back and out of his face minus two stands at the sides of his face

Other noticeable features:

  • Hybrid - Hybrid between a goat and hedgehog. Mostly seems to take after the goat genetics with the subtle hints of hedgehog in there such as his smaller tail
  • Gems - Has a total of 3 gems on his body, one on the back of his hands and one on his forehead where an eye is in his demon form

Overall clothing style:
Dressed rather formal with a white dressshirt with rolled up sleeves covered by a fancy jacket without sleeves which is red in color. Wears a small scarf around his neck that is red. Wears black dress pants and red shoes underneath it. Wears a golden crown of his head to show how he is a royal pain



  • Power
  • Control
  • Learning
  • Pushing people's buttons


  • Being talked down because his age
  • Not seen as the greatness that he is

Fav drink:

Cherry flavoured soda

Fav food:

Pretty much whatever Bafalaut makes, has a slight prefference for meatballs though


  • Curious
  • Demanding
  • High self esteem
  • Can think logically
  • Slight manipulative streak
  • Spoiled brat syndrom
  • Great love for learning
  • Short temper
  • Booksmart

Abilities and SkillsEdit


  • Is able to keep his temper undercontrol when needed


  • Still is young and learning to fight and use his powers


  • Shadow tendril - Still learning how to create tendrils made out of shadow to grab onto people and fight with. Current range is only 2 meters from where he is standing
  • Zap - A small jolt of electricity he is able to create. Range is only 1 meter


  • Born to Bafalaut and Pravus
  • Twin to Helter is 10-ish minutes older than her
  • While Bafalaut was the worsed mom with them, Pravus spoiled and doted on them like mad
  • Starts training with Zala as Helter starts training with Parabit
  • Is told he is to become one of the next demon lords either replacing his mom or dad, same for Helter
  • Very much a spoiled little bastard that is a lot smarter than he lets on

Character RelationshipsEdit


Name Relation Notes
Bafalaut Versil 'Mother' Very used to the behaviour of his mother and all the things he does on a regular basis. Learned to deal with it as well as the nick name Baf gives him and Helter, does care about him
Pravus Lues Father Adores his father if not mostly for the fact that the man dotes on his twins as much as he does and spoils them shitless. Knows he cares and that is what matters
Helter Lues Twin sister Twin sister and has a great bond with her. Very much enjoys going out with her and cause trouble where ever they are
Elpison 'Jay Brightwood' Versil Older half-sister Never met her
??? Older half siblings on Baf's side) Never met them
Gueton Versil Older half-brother Very much their babysister when Parabit and Zala aren't there. Finds it funny how frustrated he can get with them
Ethan of the house of Scorpio 'Older half-brother' Never met him
Yu-mei of the house of Gemini 'Older half-sister' Never met her
Chernobog 'CB' Versil Nephew Just looooooves driving him crazy, mostly with how easy he is to agitate and make nope the hell away


Name Notes
Zala Baggio More babysister than friend really. Loves how ruthless she is and all the knowledge she shares with him
Parabit ??? Babysister 2.0 when he is out and about with Helter


Name Notes

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Helter and Skelter started as a joke but then it was realized that it would be oddly IC for Bafalaut so the twins happened
  • Place holder names were Bafus and Pravalaut till we settled on the actual names
  • Place holder names become joke names
  • Demon Skelter

    Skelter's demon form

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