Snowflake 2015
Full name Marian Kamillik
Alias Snowflake, Flake, Mary
Gender Female
Age 22
Species Hybrid (Hedgehog/Fox)
Sub-Species -
Sexuality Straight/Bi-curious
Element -
Occupation Volunteer at an orphanage, Seamstress
Status Alive


Height: Average
Build: Average
Main color: White
Markings: -
Skin color: White muzzle, inner ears and stomach.
Hair color and style: Long white hair with two bangs framing her face, has a small fringe, The tips of her hair are dyed red.
Eye color: Red
Other noticeable features:

  • Albinism - Is a full on albino. If she wasn't she would've been blue with pink markings, pink eyes and peach skin.
  • Dye - Dyes the tips of her hair red to get at least a little bit of color back into her face.
  • Hybrid - Appearance wise is a well stable blend between hedgehog and fox. Having equal parts clearly hedgehog and clearly fox.

Wears a black dress with red trim. The top of the dress has elements of a corset and the bottom is split open in the middle. Wears dark red shorts under it. Over it wears a dark red and black belt around her waist. Wears black boots with a red trim and white toes, the sole is a slight platform and is dark red. Wears a red bracelet on each wrist and a black choker on her neck.



  • Childeren.
  • Helping others.
  • Sewing.
  • Making clothes.
  • Meeting new people.


  • People who just want to use others.
  • How bad some orphanage are.
  • Poverty.
  • Aggresive childeren.

Favorite food: Veggie burger.
Favorite drink: Lemonade.
Favorite color: Red.

  • Helpful.
  • Caring.
  • Considerate.
  • Confident.
  • Very big heart.
  • Able to low-key hold grudges.
  • Very positive in her out look of life.
  • Motherly.
  • Doesn't let other people walk over her.
  • Social butterfly.
  • Friendly.
  • Charitable.

Abilities and skillsEdit


  • Very quick and light on her feet.
  • A lot more skilled than she lets on.


  • Doesn't fight unless she is backed into a corner.
  • Still inexperienced compared to some others.
  • Very easy to read once the fight has been going for a bit.


  • Hand-to-hand combat.
  • Sword fighting.
  • Basic medical help if needed.


  • Second born child to her parents.
  • Was left in the gutter by her parents, why? She never found out.
  • A few people found her in a rather bad state after having been alone for a few days.
  • Was taking into an orphanage.
  • Spend most of her life there helping the caretakers as much as she could.
  • Left the orphange at 16 to move into a small home for herself.
  • Ends up doing volunteer work at the orphanageshe used to be in, making cash on the side by making clothes and selling them.
  • Managed to keep herself stable with that income while still helping those in a higher need than her.
  • Ran into Darian who managed to woe her.
  • Meets Adam and lights up at the fact that he is her brother.
  • Ended up carrying Darian's child which he forced her to get aborted.
  • Got sick as hell as result of it and depressed.
  • Very slowly started to realize how bad of a relationship it was.
  • Decides to break up with him.
  • Goes about as well as one would expect and he tries to kill her and end sup stealing her powers.
  • Ran the fuck away.
  • Took shelter with Adam in her broken state.
  • He was kind enough to get her confidence back as well as a small smile.
  • Ended up training with him and a few demons at the camp.
  • After a year decides to finall try and join society again, far less naive than she was before.
  • Been keeping alert just in case.
  • Taking a lot of time to meet new people and befriend some.



Name Relation Notes
Ives Kamillik Father Never knew him.
Indira Kamillik Mother Never knew her.
Adamas 'Adam' Kamillik Older-Brother Didn't knew she had siblings for the majority of her life. Very happy to have met him though and extreemly grateful for all his help. Though never quite felt fully at ease around him at all.

Positive Relations

Name Notes
Ernest ??? Scientist she met when he was drunk. Helped him home safely, does enjoy meeting up with him once in a while to just chat and talk.
Flix ??? An odd experiment man she met a few times. Feels both sorry for them as well as slightly creeped out by him.

Negative RelationsEdit

Name Notes
Darian Keane Never gonna be able to forgive him for what he did. Partly wants to take revenge but knows that will lead to nothing. Slightly grateful that he destroyed that overaly trusting and naive nature she had.



  • She is a vegitarian.
  • Started out of a parody character, your typical Mary-Sue
  • Ended up very well developed and rounded.
  • By far my sweetest character.
  • Has a lot of acquaintances but not true deep friends or best friend.
  • Might've joined a dating site since she wants to give 'love' another try.