Virus 2015
Full name Vincent Blackspot
Alias Vince, Virus
Gender Male
Age 26
Species Hedgehog
Sub-Species -
Sexuality Homosexual
Element Psychic/Darkness
Occupation Accountant for a bank chain
Status Alive


Height: Half a head taller than the average mobian.
Build: Toned.
Main color: Dark blue.
Markings: Light blue quil tips, areas besides the eyes, eye lids and area above his nose. Lower part of his arms are dark blue fur.
Skin color: Dark tan with a cool undertone muzzle, stomach, arms and soles of his feet.
Quil color and style: 3 quils are used to frame his face and a fourth one sticks up. Has three quils in the back that are tied into a ponytail.
Eye color: Light blue with a blue pupil that almost gives the illusion like he is blind.
Other noticeable features:

  • Dyed- His actual fur color is a dark purple with yellow around the eye area instead of blue.
  • Contacts - Wears contact lenses. His real eye color is a sickly yellow.

Wears a long coat with rolled up sleeves that has blue trim, the rest of the coat is a galaxy print. Wears a purple turleneck without sleeves under it. Wears a blue belt over that and a pait of dark purple jeans under it that he has tucked away into light blue boots with pink soles and toes, the lip is with galaxy print. Wears a sweatband around eachwrist with blue trim and a galaxy print.



  • Others being happy.
  • Learning.
  • Could showers.
  • Drinking.
  • Being alone.
  • Mortis.


  • His powers.
  • Large crowds.
  • Himself.
  • The past.
  • Dissapointing those he cares about.

Favorite food: Cheesecake.
Favorite drink: Bloody mary.
Favorite color: Blue.

  • Sees things very black and white.(Either everything is good or everything is bad.)
  • Always has the best intentions.
  • Self-loaths a lot.
  • Bottles up negative emotions.
  • Keeps to himself.
  • Worries easily.
  • Very negative self image.
  • Very good as putting up a fake smile.
  • Curious.
  • Friendly.
  • Depressing lil bugger.

Abilities and skillsEdit


  • Very strong powers that work subconciously as well as actively.
  • Keeps getting stronger with them as time passes.
  • Hard to get a single hit in if he were to give a fight it's all.


  • Not a fighter
  • Tends to run rather than fight unless it's to protet somebody he cares about.
  • Usage of powers on full focus takes a lot out of him.
  • The speed at which his powers develope tends to backfire on him and his health.


  • Hand-to-Hand combat.
  • Powers.


  • Shield - Is able to create a huge shield made of shadows that is as tough as diamonds. Tends to be used subconciously.
  • Pulse - A powerfull psychic shockwave that can blast people backwards and out of the way.
  • Psycho Warping - Able to create things with the power of his mind. Be it as simple as a rock to an entire city and an army.
  • Subconcious Manifestation - Subconciously projects his fears. These can appear as hallucinations to straight out monsters. Is able to supress it with a lot of effort.
  • Echo - Send sout a psychic wave unfelt by anybody within a 50 meter radius but it allows him to map out an area as to where everybody is.
  • Telekenetic - Able to lift and fling objects both heavy and light with the power of his mind.


  • First and only born child to Elaine and Urien Blackspot.
  • Had a very good early childhood where he got spoiled silly.
  • His aunt and uncle died in a car incident and thus his cousin moved in with them.
  • Took a while to warm up to Pitch but clicked with him really well.
  • Very hard working student in school, spend a lot of time just doing homework.
  • Was asked to help Pitch who was doing terrible and tried to help where he could.
  • Gets into a good highschool where it was clear he had a knack for numbers and working with them.
  • After a night out with friends he returns home to his cousin missing.
  • And not only that, but the flat his home and parents were in had collabsed, claiming the life of his parents.
  • Pretty much broke down mentally as he lost everything on that night.
  • Runs the fuck away to isolate himself as his powers slowly kicked in.
  • Mortis expanding and becomming more solid the more Virus sank into a depression.
  • Despite it all, never fully realized that Mortis was /his/  creation.
  • Felt very uncomftrable around the 'people' in his city whom all looked at him like he was the devil.
  • Started to call himself Virus instead of his birthname from that point on.
  • Very much tried to stay away from curious people that came to his city and never left after dark.
  • Meets a curious writer named Boa.
  • Just can't understand why Boa wants to help him so badly.
  • City gets attacked from an outside force.
  • Is stuck watching the city crumble, losing pretty much everything he has again.
  • Runs into a group that attacks him where his shield is used and things slowly start clicking in his mind, realizing he indeed made Mortis.
  • Boa tries to help him and insists on Virus staying at his place.
  • Pulls a stupid and gets involved with Noose.
  • Realizes the stupid pretty quickly and goes into hiding, dying his own fur and the contact lenses.
  • Slowly developing a crush on Boa, not so much our of true love but more the fact that somebody finally put so much care into him.
  • Feelings are not returned however and deals with it pretty badly.
  • Boa goes missing before he hears about the fact that he was hurt.
  • Uses his powers to give Boa a new arm.
  • Tries to get out of his depression by getting a job and training more to control his powers.
  • End sup making enough to insist of moving into a new home, a flat with more space.
  • Boa insists of sharing the rent though even if Virus could pay it for both of them if needed.
  • Mood does remain low but choices to not show it ever, keeping it bottled up.
  • Ends up being contacted by CB for help.
  • This all resulted him in giving his soul to bring Pitch back from the dead.
  • Starts getting haunted by visions of how he used to be.
  • Goes against this by sleeping less and less.
  • Spills this against Boa who tries to get him to get proffesional help.
  • Does so and gets pushed along towards people he'd rather not be in contact with and discovers word about project Re:Birth.
  • Keeps this information to himself, mostly the fact that they don't want to help him with his powers.
  • Tries to keep his chin up despite his break downs once in a while, tries to never have them when others are around just because he doesn't want people to worry over him.
  • Just tries to distract himself by working, hanging with Boa and Elec and going out to drink every other weekend.



Name Relation Notes
Urien Blackspot Father Takes a lot after his father both personality wise and appearance wise. Both having an affinity to numbers and calculations as well as both being insecure as hell. Looked up to how smart he was a lot.
Elaine Blackspot Mother Very close to her and very much was babied a lot by her. Looked up to her and how secure and confident she was.
Arthur Blackspot Uncle Only met him during birthdays when he was too young to really remember him.
Morgan Blackspot Aunt Only met her during birthdays when he was too young to really remember her.
Percival 'Pitch' Blackspot Cousin Grew up with him like they were brothers. Very worried about him but happy to at least be in contact with him again.
Avalon Blackspot Cousin Only knew her in a comatose state.
Ezekiel Blackspot First Cousing once Removed Only saw him once.

Positive Relations

Name Notes
Boa His best friend and housemate. Feels like there is no way he can ever repay him fully for all he done for him. Tries to do so regardless and as result always worries about him when he seems down. Still has romantic feelings for him that he represses heavily.
Chernobog 'CB' Versil Ex-boyfriend. Despite that they still meet up for a drink once in a while. It's unclear how far they ever went but when Virus gets drunk enough he is known to still slink back to CBm even if just for comfort.
Electrisa Shila Met her via Boa, very happy person. Enjoys being around her and just talking about things sucj as power related things. Wishes he knew how to help her with her own issues. Ah well, nerd trio yo.
Geuton Versil Met him through Elec, very nice and calm person. Finds him to be a very charismatic person as well as a good speaker with a clear mind.

Negative RelationsEdit

Name Notes
- -



  • Tends to go away from the city to create Mortis in the forest every once in a while to just feel a sort of comfort, like he at least is in control of /something/  in his life.
  • Suffers from chronic headaches and insomnia due to the fact that he actively supresses his powers all the time.
  • Tends to take cold showers to keep himself wide away and focussed, not allowing himself to feel comfort under a warm shower.
  • Never stopped using a disguise despite after having been found out, purely because he doesn't wants to be who he was in the past.
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It's Time

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