Full name William Deaderose
Alias Will
Gender Male
Age 35
Species Hedgehog
Sub-Species Daywalker (Vampire)
Sexuality Homosexual
Element Fire
Occupation Runs a back chain and a blood-bank
Status Alive


Height: Half a head smaller than the average mobian

Build: Slender

Main color: Brown

Markings: Pale yellow lines over his hands and feet as well as quil tips

Skin color: Tan muzzle, inner ears and chest

Eye style and color: Ovel shaped, one brown eye, one silvery blind eye without pupil

Hair/Quil/Dread style: Has should quils with the exception of two larger ones in his face

Other noticeable features:

  • Scars - Has two clear scars that run over his blind eye
  • Facial Hair - Has a small beard, quite easily grows facial hair thanks to genetics

Overall clothing style:
Wears a white turtle neck shirt with a brown coat over it. The shirt tucked away into a belt. Wears red-ish dress pants and fancy shoes underneath it



  • Company
  • Affection
  • Watching TV
  • Things going well


  • The longer days in the summer
  • Stress
  • Overworking

Fav drink:

Fine whiskey

Fav food:



  • Insecure
  • Jittery
  • Affectionate
  • Loyal as all hell
  • Defensive
  • Hard working
  • Never gives up
  • Thinks before acting
  • Protective
  • Lucky
  • A lot stricter on the job than in his social life

Abilities and SkillsEdit


  • Stronger than an average mobian
  • Is in his element during the winter period when the days are shorter


  • The day, despite being a daywalker it does drain his energy. And thus during the summer period he is weaker than the winter one
  • Holy water


  • First born to Simon and Veronica
  • Had a happy childhood and was quite spoiled
  • Saw his parents struggle to create another child
  • Gwen was born when he was 8
  • The age gap causing for the two to not interact that often
  • She was spoiled just as much as he was
  • Went to high school and showed to have a knack for economics
  • Heavily started focussing on that with extra schoolwork to be better at it with higher scores
  • Gwen does a stupid his last year of high school
  • Gwen turned in the neck and slaughtered their parents
  • Managed to get away with just a bit himself as she was turning
  • Instead of anger, he showed concern for his sister and tried to support her through it all, not blaming her at all
  • Moves out and tells the police it was some intruder that had attacked them, all in order to protect his sister
  • Struggles as he has to take on a job next to high school and his finals plus caring for his 9 year old sister
  • Manages to do it though as starts going to college
  • Quite sad to see his sister in the position she is in
  • Took 4 years before she fully accepted it and by that time he already was well on his way to gradute from college, already being accepted into a university for after it
  • Been climbing the ladder at work up to the point where he could slowly sneak out blood for his sister whenever she did something stupid and hurt herself
  • She moves out leaving him alone
  • Starts spending all his time into studying and working, only being home to eat, bathe and sleep
  • Upon gradutating college he takes on a second job
  • Working both and slowly climbing to the top with both
  • Over the course of time manages to do so
  • Meets Obsidian
  • Gwen showing up begging him to take care of two of her kids
  • Accepts but is kind of baffled with it
  • Juggling the two jobs, social intectactions and raising kids
  • Does a decend job at it, spoiling the girls quite a bit
  • Meets Tristan and falls for him
  • Has an open realationship with him because there also being something between him and Obsidian
  • Currently just trying to balance life out, overworking quite a bit

Character RelationshipsEdit


Name Relation Notes
Simon Deaderose Father Was close with him though it was clear to him that his father and sister had the stronger bond. Didn't mind it at all as it still made them all a good happy family
Veronica Deaderose Mother Had a very close knit bond with her, most likely due to matching personalities. Was a huge momma's boy
Gwendoline 'Gwen' Deaderose Younger Sister Worries a lot about her and all the shit she gets herself into. Tries to help where he can but does feel somewhat that he is taken for granted
Layla Deaderose Niece/Adoptive daughter One of the kids Gwen had that he ended up taking care of. Kind of overbearing over her mostly because of her behaviour. Fears she will end up doing something stupid and get hurt
Fey Deaderose Niece/Adoptive daughter The second of kids that Gwen left in his care. Loves her like she is his own daughter and puts a lot of care into her. Finds her the smarter of the two girls and honestly has higher hopes for her
Cane Striker Nephew Never met him
Gibson 'Gibs' Striker Nephew Never met him


Name Notes
Obsidian Striker One of the two that is best explained as a lover. Enjoys his company alot and always has that internal kick out of all the things Obsidian does with him. Does blame him for some of the bad behaviour of the girls
Tristan Mitosa The other of his lovers in a sense. Though with Tristan it's a lot more romance based. Knows the man cares for him and never is scared to show that the affection is returned. Honestly sad that they are able to see eachother so little


Name Notes

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Originally was a sonic recolor with the same color scheme as Gwen
  • Always had the formal like look to him
  • Had so many redesigns I lost count
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