Full name Zala Baggio (Maiden name: De Luca)
Alias Seapancake
Gender Female
Age 575
Species Hedgehog
Sub-Species Demon
Sexuality Straight
Element Psychic
Occupation Guardian of the Styx
Status Alive


Height: Half a head shorter than your average mobian

Build: Chubby

Main color: Orange

Markings: Purple-ish pink splotches on her ear tips, hands, feet and quils. Pink tail tip, circles on her knees, chest and streaks on her cheeks

Skin color: White muzzle, arms,  inner ears and stomach and toes

Eye style and color: Triangular shaped, purple eyes with a pink rim and small pupils

Hair/Quil/Dread style: Has two quils on the side of her head and two smaller ones in her face

Other noticeable features:

  • Glow - The pink markings she has tend to give off a soft glow in the dark

Overall clothing style:
Wears a simple drape in a blue tone fading to a black. Wears a belt over it. Underneath the drapes she wears a short summer white dress with pink accents. Wears a black choker with matching armbands. Wears two blue bracelets. Wears white boots with blue decorations



  • Childeren
  • Her job
  • Romance novels
  • People listening to her


  • The aggresive wrathfull
  • Electricity
  • Most technology of out present day

Fav drink:


Fav food:



  • Motherly
  • Over protective
  • Demanding
  • Dominant streak
  • Manipulative
  • Control freak
  • Acts on instinct

Abilities and SkillsEdit


  • A lot stronger and smarter than she lets on
  • Has experience


  • Already quite old, even for a demon
  • Slowed reaction time
  • Typical demon weaknesses


  • Mind control - Is able to mind control people to a certain degree. The lower their will, the easier she can control them
  • Telekinesis - Able to lift objects and move them with her mind. This includes hurling objects at opponents
  • Radiance of Control - A psychic arua that takes control of whomever falls in it's radiance. Not that effective on most but dwellers of the Styx and lower ranked demons in the Styx can't fight it


  • Born to a family life of gaurdians of the Styx
  • Was the first born and thus it was set that she would follow in her parents' footsteps
  • Started getting prepped quite early on
  • Spends most of her early 100 years in training to be a next gaurdian and high ranked demon
  • Has her share of friends throughout those years
  • Become an undergaurdian to her parents at the age of 160
  • Felt insanely bad for all the wrathfull that were there purely because them commit suicide
  • Snuck off a lot to keep company to those, trying to give them hope again
  • Starts reffering to them as 'her tadpoles'
  • At 200 is told she is to be arranged married to a son of another gaurdian family
  • Meets Xavier
  • Doesn't gets along with him at all but knows she has little choice in the matter
  • Ends up marrying him at 210 years
  • Fights a lot with him over the next years but all the bickering and clashing causing a more hate/love bond to form
  • Parents pass on and she becomes the next full gaurdian in their family tree
  • Hate/love turns into actual love by 270
  • Has her first child, Pavor, at 275
  • Absolutely adored him and spoiled him alot as he was her first child
  • Started to slowly and subtely prep him to follow in her footsteps
  • He catches on during his rebelious phase and runs away from home
  • Rather broken from that, fearing she failed as mother and to pass her role on
  • Spends a lot of time with Xavier care and support
  • Has Elenor at the gae of 350
  • Almost scared to spoil her as much as she did spoil Pavor, fearing she would turn out the same way
  • For most of her childhood didn't
  • Started asking questions about being the next gaurdian
  • Told that she couldn't be come it
  • Elenor throws and temper tantrum and keeps trying
  • Keeps getting denied
  • Elenor runs away from hell in her blind anger
  • Is hit rather hard by that loss
  • Hopes that third time is a charm if it comes to childeren
  • Has Joshua at 400
  • Turns out that she is correct as Joshua is the perfect child to her, able to spoil him silly with effection and care
  • Spends a lot of time with him, seeing him mature and age
  • He requests a leave at his adult age
  • Grants him that under condition that he at least keeps in contact with her
  • He agrees and sets off on his journey
  • Very happy with life for the comming 100 years
  • Xavier passes away of old age at 550
  • Devistated by his loss
  • Reminded of her own age thanks to it as well
  • Realizes her own time is also ticking closer and closer and she has yet to secure Pavor in his future role
  • Spends the next 25 years trying to find him
  • Meets a summoner who strikes a deal with her, he is allowed to summon her at the cost that he tracks down her son on the upperlands
  • The summoner succesfully does this and brings them back into contact
  • Finds out about her son's life and rather dissapointed in him
  • Tries to talk him into comming back with her as he is litterally the only one who can take her position
  • Tries everything from trying to 'buy' him back with gifts to guilt tripping him
  • Forced to just wait and see if it is effective
  • Pavor comes to her in panic about Gueton
  • Accepts to help him if he at least trains under her
  • He agrees and seals that deal

Character RelationshipsEdit


Name Relation Notes
??? De Luca Mother Takes a lot after her mother in her behaviour. A very strong woman able to kick ass when needed
??? De Luca Father If anything, mostly takes after him appearance wise with the shorter and rounder build. He was the gaurdian out of her parents
??? De Luca Younger sister Younger sister that passed away early on in the hands of demon hunters. Had a good bond with her and looked a lot a like in both appearance and personality
Xavier Baggio Husband Used to hate his guts but over the course of time did genuinly fell for him. Found him to be the kindes and warm hearted person alive. Never stopped mourning his loss
Pavor Baggio Son Oldest son and the one  who has to take her place as a gaurdian. Not too pleased that he has a boyfriend and everything, even less pleased that he is refusing what is his destiny
Elenor Baggio Daughter Middle child and honestly a child she worries a lot about as to what will become of her. Her power greed being something that might cause her end in the future
Joshua Baggio Son Adores him and happy to at least have one of her childeren in a good bond with her. Relies a lot on him for company to feel less lonely
Chernobog 'CB' Versil Grandson Only saw him once and that's it


Name Notes
Pravus Lues Her boss in a sense. Tends to get a little aggitated with his behaviour as it feels too childish for a man of his position. Serves him regardless as a right hand woman without complaining
Helter & Skelter Lues The royal pains that she from time to time has to watch over. Most often watches over Skelter and tries to keep him with his nose in the books when he is away from Helter. Hoping to at least making him more mature than his father is


Name Notes

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Radiance of Control of an ability that is passed on to only the first born and is quite essantial as gaurdian of the Styx
  • Was not meant to become an actual active used character, oopse
  • By far her demon design has to be my favourite to draw
  • Elastic Heart - Sia (Feat

    Elastic Heart - Sia (Feat. The Weeknd & Diplo)

    Zala's theme song

    Demon Zala

    Zala's demon form

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